March 8. International Women's Day


When a woman says NO, it means NO.


Unless she means yes.


It’s still 7 March on my country.

Indonesia (GMT +7/Western Indonesian Time)


You can have your day tommorow.


Here is also March 7, but so people don´t forget.


Forget what?


dear god.

all those times they said no, I thought she meant yes…

what have I done?

dear god, what have I done?




Thats the smartness of men.
To avoid any kind of misunderstanding, most men never say no.


Dictionary for Men.
for understand womens.

Umm = I’m jealous

Oh, yeah? = I do not believe ANYTHING of what you say

Ahhh!! = shut up right now

It’s nothing = TOD0 is wrong!

Forget it = It’s no use, you will not understand

I do not care! = Apologize at this time

Aaah, that’s fine! = Destile rage through the pores

Better go = If you go, you die

I do not need you to come = Come at this moment

Do what you want = If you do, forget about me

Yes = Maybe

No = Yes

Maybe = No


One day after the Anniversiry Of Team Ambera, what has it been, like 5 years since Team Ambera was Formed, somehow it is just as importent as today, i dont know what im writing due to lack of sleep


Happy women’s day ladies, I hope each and everyone of you beautiful creatures gets a new set of marigolds, a new washing machine and an oven so that you can be the best version of you.