Map bug - Refresh at Overlord's Den after every mission

After 2v2 campaign update, everytime you finish a mission screen is moved to Overloard’s Den; also mission level is resetted to Normal.

Can you fix this?

It’s terribly annoying to have to pay a lot of attention to what are you clicking (I was farming mission 6 and I’ve run it more than once at Normal difficoulty while I wanna clear it on Insane) or to scroll the maps back at every clearance: for example I have to scroll back to the portal every time I finish it, plus I have to set Insane difficoulty since it’s resetted to Normal everytime aswell.



Ah…clasic 2v2 problem’s…
I dunno how to slove this bud.

Yeaaaaaaaaaah, that happened to me 57 times and counting

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I have the same problem (pretty sure it goes for all of us).
And yes,it is extremely annoying!

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The way you described it, looks like a quick solution to auto-bot farming…
Does it reset after thr mission is done to a semy-random spot? If is so… it is an anty auto-farming quick fix.
If not… then it probably is an anoying bug…

Nope, it refresh the page always at the same point in Overlord’s Den. Like when you open campaign for the first time and it loads the map on Overlord’s Den.


Its so God damn annoying, especially while farming portals on the other end of the campaign map.

I think that many players used an auto-click program, some even mentioned it here in forum that they use :exclamation:

So that sound like a solution to avoid the using of these auto-click programs :exclamation:


Maybe they don’t have to move all the way to the end of the map? Surely there is a solution to beat auto-click that doesn’t punish players.

i thought it was on purpose…