Map art work discussion


i bet we have alot of artists out there.

Lets make our own map designs and post them here for fun and scrutiny, remember to add a description.
Tools` i am using what ever version of paint thats on my pc & imgur, but as long as it does not break the rules anything is ok, moving parts whatever you can imagine.


Battle Scene


Natural barrier Lava
(not finished)


As cool as this concept is, and i do very much support it, i’d recommend going a darker red/yellow, the bright colours are kinda hurting my eyes to look at it haha


Rather than updating each time could you post again? its nice to see the progression of the maps you make :slight_smile:


That edit count, must be a record


Thanks, i had planned on finishing this in a few hours actually no idea it would take this long and still no where near done.
these things are really fun to do with a couple ppl and much easier. still a long ways to go, i expect sometime next weekend maybe :smiley:

post each update ? am i allowed to double post if so then yeah. i still have a lot of the changes.


Its your thread so feel free to post as you like!


As you like designing maps you might want to check this out. :sunglasses:


i guess i will put my current map on hold while i figure this out.


I think what elcent meant is the map you are making looks like a BG map lol (because it kina is :slight_smile: )


been so long since i even looked at galaxy, i loved it durring beta but the powers that be decided to change it when it went live. It didnt even occur to me that these islands actually could be asteroids, and a few alterations it could be space and not lava i guess ? i think i have my entry idea :slight_smile:


BG contest map
hard start
(not finished)


BG contest map
(not finished)


BG contest map
(not finished)


BG contest map
(not finished)


BG contest map
(not finished)


BG contest map
(not finished)


BG contest map
(not finished)


Hey man, your images aren’t loading.


its not like anyone is here looking anyways, i was told how to fix it thanks for the heads up.

I’m thinking they should shut it down to be honest. everything is going to the other related thread.