Many good news+Thanks

Im sure everybody has noticed this by now. The drop rates have gotten so much better. A lot of threads are being posted about awesome drops that were never happening before. And with fortune boxes, I haven’t gotten any rares or commons at all, only epics! If I had the ability to pay money to TS for the first time I think I would…
So anyway thanks ts.


Don’t be happy just yet, I’ve yet to see the majority get the so called better drop rates.

I myself haven’t experienced any good drops.


Hm. Well, about like 3 forum members just got multiple Platinum platings, member of clan gets abomination, other people getting legendary’s, no more rares from fortune boxes…I haven’t the chance to buy anything but im looking forward to the next premium pack.

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Is that from PP’s or BB’s?

Because I can believe PP’s being slightly buffed for a few. While BB’s haven’t seen jack dick (excuse the language) in any increase.

I’d still hold off on buying any PP’s. It’ll just be a screw over again.



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Black Box = BB
Premium Pack = PP

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I got a Crimson Rapture from a PB right after a couple people said they got Platinum Platings and other cool stuff… then @casualdude yelled at me and said he got an abomination, so maybe yeah

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I opened premium packs worth 30k this week and I got like 50 legendaries
So I can calculate

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Every 5 silver boxes that I opened so far had at least one epic. Although I’m too poor to get a premium, I can look forward to it because I’ll get something good. (I just jinxed myself so probs not)

What Black Box does mean? Fortune Box? Or I wrong?

what the hell are you talking about?
I’ve opened at least 30 40 boxes and got only 2 epics.