Malicewolf inspired me


Even though she doesnt really play SM and seems to chime in on every post , she has inspired me to write a post that isn’t a rant but more of a criticism of the current status of the game which she has deemed appropriate and the TACTICSOFT team will leave up… Allegedly.

I have played for five years and yearn for the days when best player and co plioting were my biggest problems with the game. I remember a day when a top player would appear and everyone new that they has spent money to do so. It was impossible to be one overnight without spending or cheating. These days the game is not balanced because of free boxes given in campaign or a myth every 21 days. The new flood of " top players" has actually been attributed to at least one person who advertises selling loaded accounts. It does not anger me that members did this. It does not anger me that people took advantage of it and purchased a loaded account. We have been assured that tacticsoft is doing everything possible to rid the game of these accounts in a finite amount of time given to them while they attempt to roll out a new module, repair the minor bugs in game, develop, beta test, submit and attempt to launch a brand new platform for this game. Beside the module being seemingly unavailable to most but some players own six of them or the fact that we continue to battle loaded accounts my true criticism is the condesencion that oozes from the tacticsoft team within these posts. This may be imaginary so please dont take it as a rant but more of a criticism of how the team has chosen to speak to this. games most valuable members. Not me specifically because I never wanted to be bestplayer but the community in general.

If we could corrupt your game why would we ask for your help to remove the loaded accounts? Wouldnt it make more sense for us to just bolster our own ? If we knew the mechanics of the game we would be gods in here as Zion seemed to be ( sorry for using your name).

Priortizing new items, new platforms, and ultimately a new revenue stream before responding to the most visible problem your players " rant" about can only be taken one way . I am sorry but when any new item becomes available and players have up to six before some players have one EVERY PLAYER KNOWS SOMETHING ILLEGAL HAS BEEN DONE. I could be completely wrong and Tacticsoft may have seen an unprecedented spike in spending but as a fairly intelligent and experienced player base we know that just is not true.

My criticism to the team is that whether intentional or not you have disrespected every player that helped to transform this game. The grinders, the payers, the chat heroes, the top 3 clans, the clan who has five players but they are all best friends, the couples with imaginary babies… ALL OF US.



Yes the game is broken and every single player i see has the three mechs mastered (but i only have like 1 single mech with good myths , because literally my only myths are 50% modules for ammo and some for heat and energy, the only good myths that i have are 1 torso , 2 lava sprays 1 ultra nova (phys and heat) and a meltdown hammer. The other mechs need to use noob stuff and mixed weapons like physical and heat mech and low hp (470-540)


Its hard to win on ladder with Your 2nd and 3rd mech when they have literally no sence

Thats the mech i use the good one


Congrats bro!
You are on your way to becoming the next Hemingway, and also congratulate the Roo for makeing you write.
Now leaving aside, the intended inside joke.
You are right in all the way.
I would like just to add thay evidence, proofs, pics,videos have been provided in the past month, enough to sent to jail even OJ.
But they were hidden in this forum, as beeing rants, or so that “others” dont do it, like is hard for them to google it, and look at the vids on yt.
Yes, selling accounts aparently is still alowed, since new loaded ones apeared even in the past week, like i have said befor.
The fact that there is no improvement, and no serious action taken against the exploiters, it feels like a spit on our faces, from the tacticsoft team.
I also feel that all the talks from the devs/admins are just specks of dust in the wind, since you can see the last week ranking( the account seller, and his gang took top 3).
Also i will add, that this attitude of the tacticsoft team, has and will drive most players away, look a the overall games played by the top 10 clans, its less then 33% of what it used to be 5 -6 months ago, it is clear that the players are loosing interest, and looking somewhere else, i also found a new one.
The beta will probably wont go live this month, since google play, refused it until “the security of gameplay, and issues of players abusing the game” is dealt.
Apple didnt even allow it on their Icloud, and will most likely take it down from thwir platform in the future.
A wake up call, maybe the last one


This is revolutionary news, El-Metre! How do you know it? Did anyone post about it?


If you are a beta tester for google play, a regular one that has beta tested several games, you have acces to certain features, you can submit reports, inquiere about when the game goes live etc etc.
I have been beta tester for google for many games, and so you send feedback, and they answer, unlike the devs here.

Google has a nice policy about a game beeing aproved or not, not as strict as Apple, whom i am also a beta tester.
They have their own parallel inquiers, most inportant to both Google and Apple is the fact if a game can be hacked/cheated etc.Cause they take refunds very seriously, and if in a game players start to ask for refund, they go as far as taking the game off their platforms.


Ya solo queda tener fe en el update, si nuestras quejas solo empeoran con eso, que kig blinc compre tacticsoft si total ya se comporta como si fuese “El dueño del juego” XD!


Wow, just wow… Do you think I can post a vid about it on Mordulec Square? Or is this confidential?


This is why i belive that this game will go down fast.
The “rummors” we have spread about the cheaters and hackers is leaving this forum and going wherr it is listened.
And if not dealt here, by the devs and admins, will be delt by others.
It is a shame what this game came to be, and a real pitty of what potential it has, as a fun and enjoyable game.
@Se77en you are very righr about the new module, if a player owns it… he basicly rules over the other.
Never was one item so powerfull as this one.
It creates 690hp dymond builds, that can only be countered by shreders with 80 rockets, of you play a certain pattern.
It creates 1300 +hp electric builds that can only be beaten if you get lucky and have a good start.
It creates 955 hp and 11 res lavas, that kill all the phis builds.
It creates 1020hp and +13 res Usa builds that mop up pretty much evrithing unless you have luck rolls.
Basicly if you dont have it… and the other one has it… you have no chance.
A single item unbalanced the game to the point that some become OP, and rule the game while the rest are free frags.
And the fact that all of Shiro has 6 of them, each member, isnt a sign that they cheated?
Look at those accounts fully fused, 6 new modules?


Los diamonds de 690 de vida se pueden derrotar con el USA Mark ultranova + bender + bully, tampoco exageremos
< En mi caso arme un USA Mark en Paint con 1115 de vida para combatir las creaciones de Kig pero los que juegan legal, es casi imposible tengan 2 modulos de 65 o 6
< También se puede armar en heat con escudo de 11 o sin escudo


Yeah but do you have 3 of them mechs?


[quote=“El_Metre, post:11, topic:4476, full:true”]
Yeah but do you have 3 of them mechs?
[/quote] Es imposible tener 3, legalmente es imposible, la foto la edite en Paint, la pobreza solo da para patentar mechs XD!


The problem as i see it isnt the fact that kig and his gang, cheated and hacked the game.
This is what those guys do… and not only in SM, but in evry game that they come across, its their job to find weak spots and exploit them.
And even have a little bussiness on that side.
Should they be banned? Is it their fault? That the devs could not fix the things in the game?
My take is like this, ban them for account trading and selling.
Their mark as cheaters and scammers should be well known.
Fix the game… as in really fix the game.
The fact you let them still be here and play and write is very disrespectfull to the honest players, the ones that paid a shitload of money for this game.
Strip them of their unearned goods, it would be a sign that you mean bussiness, it would be a sign that you respect the comunity, that you listen to what we say.


Could not agree more… Good points you are making, El Metre. And for those of you who are interested in my opinions on the current status quo of this game, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel, Mordulec Square.


El problema es que no se puede detener la venta de cuentas, esto pasa en todos los juegos, lo que si se hace es banear a los que usan hacks o están relacionados con la venta de cuentas
< Pero en la práctica es casi imposible eliminarlos del todo, porque es un negocio mueve millones de dolares, las comunidades de traders son como las cucarachas, han sobrevivido al igual que estás a la extinción de los dinosaurios XD!


Further more, you wanna know why they are still here, and arent gonna ban them?
The million dolar question? Why are they still here, despite the fact they sell and trade accounts?
Simple Kig is also working for tacticsoft.
He provides them with the glitches that he finds, with the exploits that he does.
He really tells them how the hacks are done, how the glitches are exploited, he tells them most the things he does.
And the devs are happy cause they fix them.
But you know the dowside of this deal?
He gets to keep all that he has, all that he finds, amd use them. So he and his gang are becoming powerful by exploiting the game, under the protection of tacticsoft.
Its a love-hate affair, because well. The hackers are working for the developer.
Is it fair? Nope.
Should we tolerate it… nope.
But unfortunatly there isnt a thing we can do.
The fact remains and so will the cheaters/hackers.
Think of it like this, you buy a car… you pay good money dor that car, but you neef parts for it, to run good. But there is this guy that knows how the car can be fixed to run faster, better, for free! So he offers the this knowledge to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer allows him to make his car for free, and other cars, and sell them, so that he can run with you. Basicly we are competing against the manufacturer, kig and his gang get all what we got and more, but for free.
And this is why this game is sheet, and this is why the medals, the ranking, all of this game is just one bullsheet pie.


Si pero kig no puede pagar las facturas de tacticsoft, el problema es que en tacticsoft creen esta justificado, mantener a un parásito a la hora de arreglar bugs, porque no tienen la capacidad de hacerlo o simplemente les sale más barato


Mate, again, I would really like to read your posts, but they are in Spanish… Can you like google translate them into English? Would be great…


lo siento Mordulec, google no traduce bien Q.Q!


This isnt me justifing.
It just the explanation to what has happen to this game, and why i think is going to sheet.
It could be that they cant afford a real game tester, the problem is when the game tester is a player that abuses and plays alongside the paying players.
There isnt a competition here. Because a competition means having the same start… this is us vs a guy that is always 90m ahead of you… you will never win.
If i was a tacticsoft, i would get rid of them from the game, and keep them as employees… cause they do a good job at finding bugs/exploits/hack.
But kig doesnt want that, and this is where the hacker mentality comes in( hackers are criminal bu mindset, they are online predators that feed of the harm that they do, they need to prove their power over the others, by bullying, and exploiting , if they cant do that… they lose interest and move on).
As long as he can do what he does now, as in exploit and use his power, he will remain.
Do trust me these type of idividuals arent really interested in the financial aspects of the game, as a priority. Because if you were just a hacker for money, you would hack financial datas, you would look for databases, for phising and scaming sofwears, etc etc. Those that do that are a diferent breed, and usualy get millions and then spend time on boats, trips, women, drugs, fast cars… and eventualy get caught or dead.
This is not thw case this is a case of satisfying ego and power hunger.
If it was my game, i would get rid of them, and rebuild the comunity that once was.
And pay a hefty ammount to someone to secure this game, a professional that can actualy solve the bugs/exploits etc.