Malice's DnD-ish Forum Game!


Name =



power level = Over 90000!!!

Magic type = Memes

Enemy = Meme man



Name: Bruce (Front of Castle)
Lvl: 15 (EXP 20)
Equipped item:
(Electric Baton: D4 dmg 12+ stun opponent 1 turn, 1 inventory)
(Cross Bow: D4 dmg roll, +10 reach, 1 inventory [DEX roll to hit target])
(Flamethrower: D4 dmg 15+ roll burn, +3 reach (AOE), 1 inventory)
(Leather Armor: 14+ rolls -1 body dmg, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 19
STR: 19
DEX: 22(-1)
CHA: 20
PER: 20
Inventory: 1 Knife, 351 gold

Edit: @Malicewolf I have an idea! You can make it that after every campaign, we can “ascend” our characters and make new ones, the new ones would have special boosts based on how many levels you had on your previous character. You also get to keep your items.


This isn’t a spam thread, DaMemeKing.


So this is his new job… Hmmm…


Also is this game still on-going? I’m slightly sad now that it has not been online for 2 days now.


Custom Perception Check on the Remains of the Castle.


The stone pathway is still slightly slippery, and all the statues have slight burnt marks on them. The doorway looks like it is going to collapse any second now, due to the supporting beams burning away into ashes. The smashed-up door is still on the ground, but turned into charcoal.

The main entrance doesn’t look very enticing to any guest, because it is almost, if not completely, burnt and looking like charcoal as well, good thing they are not charcoal, or else this all would be destroyed. The tables are charcoal black, and missing 3 legs. The fireplace can’t create any more fires, because all the firewood inside are literally toasted even more so. All the somewhat sturdy furniture in the Guest Area have some spots looking charcoal black, while some spots looking slightly discolored. The bookcase is missing it’s top half, and the chest beside is missing the top half as well, upon further inspection the Top half of the chest has collapsed inside it.

CyaKnight goes to the basement, and the aroma of dead bodies is not yet cleared, because the rest of the bodies at the very back of the room are still not burnt along with a few tables and science equipment, but it sure smells like burnt meat here. Most tables and bodies near to the basement entrance are burned, while the ones at the back are still fresh, maybe with a few marks here and there. The Hulky Monster’s body is partially burnt, mostly the torso.

CyaKnight goes to the kitchen, the long island table is halfway burnt, probably the wood it was made is sturdy enough to not support the flames to reach the other side. Only 1 leg of the table is missing. Some kitchenware are seen unfazed and some are seen burnt or melted away into solid puddles of metal, as well as some sinks and metal tables that melted slightly.

CyaKnight goes to the garden, and only the bushes nearby the Garden entrance and burned as well as a few feet of grass. Everything else seems fine. The stables are slightly burnt from the side, but the inside of it is still normal, still has the dead bodies of Butlers and maids… And horses.

The Guard’s house looks surprisingly normal, just like it was left.

CyaKnight goes up the stairs, and notices the stairs are clearly burnt down, at some points some stones blocks cracked and broke under CyaKnight’s weight. Everything upstairs are BURNED. The Guest room’s door fell down, the bed caught on flames and only the very bed frame itself was left, the dresser is burnt from the inside out, and the Bookcase is missing it’s top half too.

The Office room’s door is still standing wide open, but it has been burnt so much it is as thin as a blade of a sword. The cabinets are burnt, the Globe was burnt, everything was burnt.

CyaKnight goes to the Lord’s room, and sees the very massacred bed, which has the half of it burnt into ashes. The coffin icebox is completely empty, nor cold from the ice, it is burnt as well, charcoal black. The Lord’s body cannot even be found at this point, and the mistress’ body is… Still there, surprisingly. What in the hell did Dr. Hyde inject in her? Well it is still there but VERY burnt, like it cannot be distinguished by any person who hasn’t seen what happened here. The room was also charcoal-black completely, staining CyaKnight’s armor.

CyaKnight goes outside of the castle, finishing his perception check.


This kinda dead, @WinzKay do your magic




No, sorry this campaign is over. You’ll have to wait for the next


Just wondering, you took into account the “requests” about people asking for specific places/items/characters/etc, and try to integrate them if possible, or not at all ?


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He obviously is. He does play BD.


R.I.P. DnD campaign :crying_cat_face:


@Malicewolf We miss you :smile:


Let’s see if he’s in the Gato Games forum!


Yes, i am in the Gato Games forum (as I am a BD admin).

But the main reason I haven’t been frequenting this one is because I’m about to head off on vacation for a few weeks. When I get back, I’ll try to get something up and running for a new DnD campaign :slight_smile:



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