Malice's DnD-ish Forum Game!


@Malicewolf Thanks very much for all your hard work, that was alot of fun!

I pretty much liked it all. The character interaction was good, I loved Jeeves (R.I.P) and trying to put together what had happened from talking to everyone.

The combat was okay, felt a bit easy at times though.

The area was a good size too, it felt massive to start with as you want to explore everything and go slow so you don’t miss anything or get yourself killed. After exploring you realise it wasn’t as big as you thought but decent enough size to keep you busy.

I also liked how you could find weapons/armour strewn around, it didn’t always come down to having to buy it.


Let’s goooo!!! I can’t wait for the next session!
@YGGM Thanks a lot for burning all the loot in the room…

:joy: It was mostly just more money. But I had planned to have a Champion set in there as well. Facemask, sword and shield. But then ya'll were like, FIREEEEE. And I was like... uhh, well... the room is flammable... Also, I'd like to note. Cynthia, you were throwing the DEAD REVIVE serum AT the lord's corpse with that molotov :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: The only reason he didn't come back to life is because he also died immediately in the fire itself. If you had rolled higher, I would have made it a controlled fire, but since it was such a low roll, it served as a catalyst for starting a fire (I mean... you threw a molotov at a BED. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Alas, the mistress goes down, or the vampire. My job here is done.

Although, CyaKnight hasn’t found a map yet, which is awful since he doesn’t know where this place even is.

(i will update stats later)

Also can I talk with Ray and Terry again? I’d tell them that their job is done, and they should return to their families. They should also look for a new Lord to serve, or a kingdom to serve.

I kinda just wrapped it up quickly instead. There wasn't much to be done except some interactions if you really wanted, but nothing that would add anything additional to the story moving along.


Btw this is an awesome game, keep it up! I’ll DEFINITELY play this for hours.


Yea, I agree, combat was a bit too easy. I had a hard time figuring that part out. Everyone had different schedules they played on, so I didn’t want to make other’s have to wait in turn order as it would mean like, 1 move per day. So instead I used an attack vs counter attack method of play. It made it so you all could do things at your own pace, while continuing the story along and letting everyone partake in it. If you have any suggestions though, I would LOVE to hear it. Sadly, taking the dice rolling aspect away from you guys makes it a little less exciting for you. I was thinking of maybe moving towards a more RPG-ish type style. Where you can equip certain items at a time that serve as what you can do. So like, certain items will allow counter attacks, certain one’s would allow for block dmg, etc. So it’s not always a counter hit. But then I’d also have to rethink how the enemy attacks. As it stands now, the enemy is ALWAYS at a disadvantage as you (the player) almost always get the first strike.


What would happen to Ray, Terry, and Jessica?


Ray and Terry would probably still be guards to some random village or so.

Jessica though, I don’t know exactly.


How about enemies that gives the players 100% disadvantage? Like they ALWAYS attack first without fail?

Examples would be fast enemies, like thieves and stuff.

Btw my stats now.

Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 14 (EXP 0)
Equipped Item :
(Modified Large Flame Sword: D8 + 4 dmg, 17+ roll burn, +2 reach, 2 handed, 2 inventory)
(Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON : 16 -> 22 [+6]
STR : 16 -> 20 [+4]
DEX : 20 (-5)
CHA : 14 -> 20 [+6]
PER : 10 -> 14 [+4]
Inventory : Cleaning rag, small pebbles, Metal Shield, unknown medicine, Revive serum, 250 Gold

Also I give LowKee 40 Gold and Padaruyos 10 Gold for helping me buy the sword.

Btw, I have a revive serum lmao, I am a battle angel :V


You still have that revive serum?


Of course, but I think Jeeves’ body and everybody else’s body that is inside the castle are burned now.

RIP Every guard that fell, as their “Captain” I salute to them

RIP Jeeves, your life here is kinda messed up but sure

RIP Hulking Monster (Tetiana), you lived a wonderful life

RIP David, he is still outside the castle lol

RIP All those other maids and butlers

RIP The Lord, you are kinda messed up

RIP Leiana the Yandere, you sexy lady, call me :wink:


I wonder if that serum can revive ashes…


I’ll guess no, because if it can’t restore barbeque to pigs it won’t to them lol


@Malicewolf Can you make the next campaign magic based?
This spell would totally be worth it!


Level Up.

Lvl. 9 => Lvl. 13

CON: 14 => 18
STR: 13 => 17
DEX: 13 => 17
CHA: 10 => 13
PER: 20 => 25


@Malicewolf, do you think it would of any use to level up now ?
(btw, would the characters carry over the next session, or would we need to create a new one from nothing each session ? Personnaly, I might change my character for the next session)

I liked pretty much everything, just one complain (if my memory is right):
You weren’t showing the dice type you were using (D4, D6, D8), for beggining weapons (Stone Tile, Wooden Stake, etc.)
It would be nice to know, even at start, the dice type ^^


I were using the serum with side-effects, from the basement, not the one Hyde gave us (Cyanine took)


They escaped the castle and ran off. You do not know their new whereabouts, bu they are alive somewhere in the world.

Interesting idea. I’ll play around with it.

Yes, my next campaign will introduce some additional aspects :slight_smile: This 1st one was only really meant as an introduction for those unfamiliar with DnD at all. Now that folks (and myself) are more familiarized, we can begin adding in some additional aspects. Magic being a potential one (which I am heavily considering).

Yes, I intend to let folks bring their current characters into the new session. But everyone is free to start a new character as well if they’d like. Will have to tweak stat types a bit though, and with that, I’ll likely allow folks to reallocate their stat points. This session, I didn’t give folks the ability to have proficiency and just simply let folks use all stats as if they had proficiency instead. As we continue, i’ll let you focus a bit more on tweaking your characters to more precise on what you want them to be.

And yes, I will use the dice indicator’s more frequently so you guys know what to expect from weapons. The usual format is like this (which I will be moving to next session).

The 1st number is how many dice (usually one, but can be more at times. Like 2d4 would mean roll two 4 sided dice). d just stands for dice. The 2nd number is how many sides the dice has.

And yes, the serum you were throwing for molotov’s were the incomplete version. Also, if you guys read my cliff notes on the google doc, don’t worry, it is ACTUALLY a revive serum. I decided to deviate a bit from my notes. You can think of it more as a template for my building the world.


STR: 10 => 15 (+5)
CON: 11 => 16 (+5)
PER: 20 => 30 (+10)

Yes it is a complete sentence


Is it okay if I save my stat improvements until magic is a thing?


No need :slight_smile: Just remember your level really (and any +stats). As I said, I’ll let you reallocate points if I introduce a new stat anyways.