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You know what I wnt to do

Cynthia grabs the matches and sprints back towards the room. 3 more turns.


You sure while you do that, she is not gonna grab on your flying leg, hang onto it and take a bite?

Nah, wont happen.

As for me I just swing this heavy blade at her with utmost strength.

CyaKnight swings his heavy blade at the mistress once again. Roll 16 to hit. He successfully slashes at her. Roll 6 dmg (+4 weapon +3 bonus) for a total of 13 dmg. Mistress takes another dmg of burn. She slashes back at CyaKnight. Roll natural 20... Oh god oh god oh god. She rolls 6 dmg (+3 bonus) for a total of 9 dmg. The Facemask SAVES you. The armor soaks 2 dmg. The Mistress slashes right into CyaKnight's armor and rips through it like butter.

Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 10 (EXP 0)
Equipped Item :
(Modified Large Flame Sword: D8 + 4 dmg, 17+ roll burn, +2 reach, 2 handed, 2 inventory)
(Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON : 16 (-7)
STR : 16
DEX : 20 (-5)
CHA : 14
PER : 10
Inventory : Cleaning rag, small pebbles, Metal Shield, 2 unknown medicine, Revive serum

Mistress: -43hp


By flying kick I meant swing my axe

LowKee goes charging in at the Mistress with Axe in hand. Roll 2 to hit… She swings and completely misses. Luckily, he didn’t hit CyaKnight though! Mistress slashes back at LowKee. Roll 15 to hit. Rolls 1 for dmg (+3 bonus) for a total of 4 dmg. `

Name: LowKee
Lvl: 11 (EXP 80)
Equipped item:
(Modified Large Flame Axe: D10 + 3 dmg, 17+ roll burn, +2 reach, 2 handed, 2 inventory)
(Champion’s Armor: -2 body dmg, 17+ roll blocks additional 3 dmg, -3 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 10 (-4)
STR: 20
DEX: 20 (-3)
CHA: 15
PER: 15
Inventory: 1 small medicine, 1 medicinal drug

Cynthia is now 2 turns out.


Pada sees Lowkee and CyaKnight charging to the Mistress, He picked up one of the arrows used for his crossbow and then stabbed her leg.

Pada goes to stab the Mistress from behind (she still hasn't noticed him) with an arrow. Roll 9 (+2 bonus). In his fear of the monster, he misses yet again (but doesn't stab himself).


Plot twist : you were still shocked in fear so you stabbed your own leg accidentally lol

Anotha plot twist : the mistress dodged

More plot twist : you went to africa to meet Toto


And run, and run, and run, andrun, etc.

Cynthia is now 1 turn away.

The mistress turns to run away back towards the bed, but see's Pada on the ground with fear on his face. Roll 15 to get past Pada. She jumps over him and onto the bed where the Lord still lay's dead and takes another large bite out of him. Roll 4D4 (3,2,4,4). She heals 13 dmg. She hisses at the adventurers as she begins to step forward once again.

Mistress: -30hp


@Malicewolf isn’t Armor Facemask supposed to block Crits ?
Because on the first post, it shows it as equipped on CyaKnight


No problem XD
@cyanine I saved you with my supernatural friends :joy_cat:


Once I arrive near the door of the chamber, if it’s not too dangerous, I would like to throw a Molotov Cocktail at the Lord’s corpse…
If it’s too dangerous or after doing it, go in the secret passage and light her on fire with flaming bolts

I think his mistress doesn’t like BBQ meat…

You've reached the room. Roll 4.... You light a molotov and chuck it onto the bed... (you set the room on fire...) :rofl: The lord's body burns away. The room is now on fire though. The Mistress hisses as she see's the flames rise in the room. The back area is now covered in flames and will slowly spread. The folks on the frontline have about 3 turns before the flames reach them.

The only thing I want to say: “Problem solved” :joy_cat:

@cyanine @Padaruyos @LowKee @Bruce0206 if you’re the Lord’s room, go out now…
And check that the mistress is not getting out either, it would be nice to keep her locked in the burning room
(keep the crossbow ready with a flaming bolt, unless it would burn me
In that case, ready a simple bolt)

Outside the door, right? Cause the flames WILL engulf the secret passageways as well.

Wait what ?

Can you show me what parts of the manor would be on fire in the end please ?
(on a map)

It's filling up the back of the room and will spread unless you do something to stop it from spreading. You literally set fire a dead body on a bed with a molotov.:rofl:


Omg were all gonna die.


Not if you flee, like Bruce


I go back into the room and flame the monster, and exit again.
And if Jessica is gonna get burned, I tell her to go downstairs.

You roll a 13. You spray flame into the room at the Mistress and hit her. Luckily, you miss both Cya and LowKee (rolled 10 and 2). She takes 3 dmg.

Mistress: -33 hp

Also, no Jessica does not know about the fire yet. You yell and warn her to leave the castle and she runs.


Did you know and/or noticed that the whole room is lit on fire ?
(well, not entirely yet, but soon)


I keep burning the monster.

Roll natural 20! You fire the flamethrower at her for (roll 1 dmg) 2 dmg total... dang, that sucks. But she is burned once again and will take continuous fire dmg. She attempts to bite Bruce. Roll 12 to hit (with 3 bonus), which does hit. She rolls 2 for dmg (+5 bonus) for a total of 7 dmg. She recovers 7hp. Bruce rolls a 16 for armor check and receives a total of 6 dmg.

Name: Bruce
Lvl: 11 (EXP 100)
Equipped item:
(Electric Baton: D4 dmg 12+ stun opponent 1 turn, 1 inventory)
(Cross Bow: D4 dmg roll, +10 reach, 1 inventory [DEX roll to hit target])
(Flamethrower: D4 dmg 15+ roll burn, +3 reach (AOE), 1 inventory)
(Leather Armor: 14+ rolls -1 body dmg, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 14 (-6)
STR: 16
DEX: 18 (-1)
CHA: 16
PER: 16
Inventory: 1 Knife, 51 gold

Mistress: -29hp


I have the ultimate armor! Also I saw that THAT is supposed to be 18 damage lmao i am dead

I back away for now, getting the hell out of there and switch to my Metal Shield.

I also cast some words of encouragement to that vampire.


note: i can protect only 1 guy here with my shield and armor, anybody wants some protection?

You do have some medicines you can use to heal yourself btw. But they will take up a turn.


I followed the others to run away.

“BBQ meats are tasty, but i surely doesn’t want to become one”

Pada runs out of the room.


Then get some real BBQ meat and use that pan of yours lmao


I think I shall go wait outside the front door whilst you lot continue your acts of arson.

LowKee also runs outside of the room's door.


Btw when this woman goes down in flames (pun intended), I’ll give you my borrowed 31 gold, sounds nice?


Don’t forget the interest.


What no

The interest goes to Padaruyos, because I borrowed 3 gold from him, 31 + 3 is 34 gold and that bugs me

So I made his 9 Gold instead, 31 + 9 is 40, sounds cleaner

Although I can give him 5 instead and you 35 Gold too, sounds nice?