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Can I like, make a crucifix with my fingers?


I join LowKee and Cynthia but not reveal myself to them.
So I guess we have some sort of female monster to fight.


“Ahh, thanks I guess… Sure… Good luck with… That doctor hyde… Ok.”

I then go up the stairs after picking up the vial, and only saw the action of a peculiar woman biting the, well, I would think it’s the lord’s face.

“Holy sh’t! It’s a vampire! So they ARE real!” CyaKnight said, with shock on his face (technically you cant see it from the facemask)

I then forcefully come inside the room, but not going ANYWHERE near this woman. Raising my sword up.

“Cecivi Umalis ka daemonyo!”

I am the shielder, I will block most frontal attacks.

Also the chance for reassemble is gone lol, just remember; I am the inside the room, but not close to that crap (probably just a feet away from Lowkee), and everybody else is at the doorway


Also would make it double handed lol

A stone sword is heavy enough, and a frying pan is made out of metal and is fairly heavy .-.


The Mistress gets out of the bed and begins to come towards you all at the doorway. She is about 2 turns distance away from reaching you.


I’m gonna spray her with my Flamethrower.


Well then, go beside me sir, abd I’ll shield you.

I switch my sword for the shield, leaving my other hand empty and probably only able to whack her in the face with the shield like captain murica or something.


Bruce rolls an 18 to hit. The flamethrower hits her straight on and she shrieks. Roll for dmg 2 + burn (1 dmg). She is weak to fire and takes double damage for a total of 5. She is still 1 turn away from reaching Cya and Bruce.

Mistress: -5hp


“Ahh damn it, I’m taking chances.”

I switch to my Sword and wipe her face with it swing it directly at her neck possibly.

You roll a 14 to hit (but not precise enough to get her neck). You succeed to hit and roll a 4 to dmg (+4 weapon +3 bonus) for a total of 11 dmg to her. She goes to swipe back at you. Rolls 7. She misses hitting you with her claws.

Mistress: -16hp


Weak to fire you say? I guess I’ll attack her with my trusty FLAMING AXE OF DOOM.

`You roll a 15 to hit her. You roll 7 dmg (+3 weapn +4 bonus) for a total of 14 dmg to her. She goes to bite you. Natural 20… rolls 2 for dmg (+5 bonus) for a total of 7 dmg. She heals 7hp. Your armor soaks 2 of the dmg. Roll 7 for additional armor, fail. LowKee takes

Name: LowKee
Lvl: 11 (EXP 80)
Equipped item:
(Modified Large Flame Axe: D10 + 3 dmg, 17+ roll burn, +2 reach, 2 handed, 2 inventory)
(Champion’s Armor: -2 body dmg, 17+ roll blocks additional 3 dmg, -3 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 10 (-5)
STR: 20
DEX: 20 (-3)
CHA: 15
PER: 15
Inventory: 2 small medicine, 1 bandage, 1 medicinal drug

Mistress: -23hp


I sneak up behind her, and then tried to hit her head.

Roll 17 to sneak behind her without being noticed. Succeed. Roll 4 to attack her from behind. You fail. Pada successfully sneaks behind her, but is too scared to strike at her. He's frozen in fear behind her atm. She does not notice him.


I take a step back and keep firing at her.

You currently have no angle to hit her without hitting teammates. Would you like to proceed?


It’s possible to throw Molotovs from secret passage ?

If yes, I would throw some at her (warning teammates to get away beforehand)

Also, do you think it’s possible to wrap some clothes rags around crossbow bolt and light them on fire just before firing ? It wold have increased efficiency or burning chance against her

@Bruce0206 @Padaruyos @cyanine @LowKee Did you took the Molotov I made in the basement, after Hulky Hulk got downed ?

The peepholes in the secret passage are not big enough to throw a molotov. Would be big enough to fire a crossbow or gun though. And would allow for flaming arrow, however, I just realized something... you guys haven't been lighting them :joy: LowKee sold the matches you had. And none of you have lit torches on you. I'd technically allow the 2 flame weapon user's to light them, but then you'll need to take an action to do so.


I’ll go buy the matches packs then, I think I have enough Gold (I think)

I'll allow it, but it's gonna take time to run down and back up. I'll put it at.... hmm, 5 turns missed to do this if it's what you'd like to do.


Let’s go

Ok dokie. You start running outside towards the garden to Ray and Terry to get the matches. 1 turn, you are at the garden.


I’ll patch myself up.

fully? That'd take a bandage and small medicine and would be your entire turn.


Yup, I ain’t risking my life.

Name: LowKee
Lvl: 11 (EXP 80)
Equipped item:
(Modified Large Flame Axe: D10 + 3 dmg, 17+ roll burn, +2 reach, 2 handed, 2 inventory)
(Champion’s Armor: -2 body dmg, 17+ roll blocks additional 3 dmg, -3 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 10
STR: 20
DEX: 20 (-3)
CHA: 15
PER: 15
Inventory: 1 small medicine, 1 medicinal drug


I’ll buzz baton that monster girl. If not, keep the fire going.

Rolled 12 to hit (+3 bonus). You successfully hit and stun her. Roll 3 for dmg (+3 bonus) for total of 6 dmg.

Mistress: -29hp


I retreat out of the room.

Bruce flee's the room!


I flying kick her in the face!

Roll 11. You miss. She goes to counter. Rolls 11 as well and misses you.