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Question, what is there in frying pan that can be upgraded?

Would you just put spikes at the surface and call it a hammer?


My favorite thing about the Frying Pan is it’s ability to knock enemy unconscious. If i can stick some extra weight or even spikes to it for increased chance of knocking down enemies, i’ll definitely do it.


Then combine the Stone Sword and Frying Pan, you’ll get the Stone Pan.

A pan with the entirety of Stone Sword in one. Kind of like this.


I actually laughed out loud.


How I perceive people here :



What about our DM, Malicewolf




Skew you why do you keep thinking that I;m a moose>


What the f is the drawing you did with my charac ?


I’ll stop it, but I won’t hesitate to end Hyde if I see he’s lying…


OMG, the improvised drawings!! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: I’m dying.

As for that improvised weapon with Stone Sword tried to the Frying pan… i mean, I’ll allow it, but it won’t increase anything but the reach :joy: The Stone Sword was already hard af. I mean, like, thinking about it irl, how would that increase anything :joy: But would still be a hilarious joke weapon. Like, “Wait… you got killed by what? A stone sword frying pan?!”


Hyde drops the vial on the ground and rolls it over towards CyaKnight (for protecting him). "Here is the serum, use it as you will. My parting gift to you all." Hyde then slowly backs away, with his shield still raised incase of an attack. He disappears into the night. You aren't sure HOW he left on the set and slippery pathway, but he's no longer there.

Name : CyaKnight (Front of Castle)
Lvl : 10 (EXP 0)
Equipped Item :
(Modified Large Flame Sword: D8 + 4 dmg, 17+ roll burn, +2 reach, 2 handed, 2 inventory)
(Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON : 16
STR : 16
DEX : 20 (-5)
CHA : 14
PER : 10
Inventory : Cleaning rag, small pebbles, Metal Shield, 2 unknown medicine, Revive Serum


So…what we do now ?


Well, honestly, there's really only 1 more thing to do. Lord's Room. Pretty sure all your equipment is better now than what they're selling at guard house. I know Bruce wanted to revive Revres, but I will say this, the serum can also revive one of you if you fall in battle. So, do you want to save it for an incase scenario or use it on NPC (whom may or may not just kill himself again in his grief).


My monies on the Lord’s wife.

Have we got the key to the room? Or is it a sneak in bookcase job?

You got the key :) Pretty sure you're the one who found it. But i know someone found it. Also, the secret passageway doesn't have a way into the Lord's Room. Only views.


Well let’s go check it out!

You head upstairs and put the key into the doorway to the Lord's Room. It clicks and unlocks.


Quietly open and enter

You open the door quietly. The room is dimly lit. You see 2 figures afar on the large bed. Upon seeing the door open, you hear a man's voice. "Who's there?! Get out, no one is permitted to enter my bedroom right now!" You see a light come on near the bedstand. The Lord is sitting up right on the bed looking towards the doorway at you. "Who are you? You're not one of the staff? How did you..." He's cut off as the figure next to him on the bed moves. You see a beautiful woman's face come into the light. She lightly smiles up at the man. He smiles back and turns his head back towards you again. "Please, just leave us be." As the words come out of his mouth, you see the woman's mouth open and extend past what should be humanly possible. You see long sharp claw like hands grab his face. A look for horror rises on his face as the woman digs her teeth into him. His body writhes and you can hear his mumbled screams... until, it stops. He stops resisting as his once flailing body goes limp. The woman takes a large bite of what used to be the face of the Lord and turns her eye's towards the doorway to her new guest.


GeeJay LowKee, now close dat door and let everyone reassemble

@Malicewolf Don’t you have a gif a lil bit less…“scary” please ? ^^

Nooo, it's perfect!!!



I assume asking for a blowjob wouldn’t be wise?

More like a teeth job.


If you don’t like when there’s teeth, not at all…

Nice one Malice XD