Malice's DnD-ish Forum Game!


Damn, very nice find. Almost makes me wanna start from room 1 and search everything again.

Don't wanna burst your bubble or anything, but there are no more things equivalent. There are no more hidden things throughout the map that you've already explored. You guys have been pretty thorough (besides the bridge until now).


Who knows ? ^^

You might find something which could fulfill you with joy once you found it ^^

The joy of finding a super mega items, it is :joy_cat:


Fine fine. Can I kill Cynthia and take her magic cloak then Stealth kill all the other players and the Dr and the Lord and Terry, Ray and Jessica? Can’t leave any witnesses.

Technically yes... You can kill anyone really. You monster. :stuck_out_tongue:

But no XP sadly.

Fyi, I’m an ex PKer from various MUD games :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I'll just put this out there. You are no where near strong enough yet to solo your way through the boss. Not without an immense amount of luck. :joy:


Try to kill me, and I’ll turn you into BBQed hedgehog (can’t remember the correct spelling)


Fine fine, can you at least use your Hogwarts robe to sneak up and disarm the Dr for me so I can stab his face?



I just need a few minutes to sort things out, to be sure I’m ready ^^

@Malicewolf , I forgot to put into in my inventory, but I have the 5 Molotov Cocktails (2 + 3 from purse) I created in the basement

Yes, you do. Good catch on remembering.


I can BBQ you better because I have a flamethrower… But I’m not gonna do that.
Why do you want to kill Hyde?


I have 5 Molotov Cocktails…^^
And if you don’t wanna die from it, I can always Russian Roulette you ^^

Yes, I’m in mood for making jokes about vodka bottles people :joy_cat:


Geez I said I don’t want to BBQ you!


I know, it was just to say some vodka jokes :joy_cat:


Because Hyde is a monster.

Yup, he really is.


And me, because I want to know his secret inventory


You can play a safe version of Russian Roulette by eating Padron Chilies, some of them aren’t spicy but others are VERY hot!

Or just pour a bunch of water and 1 vodka shot. Everyone takes one.


Never heard of it…

@Malicewolf how dangerous disarming Hyde while wearing my shroud is, on a scale of 1 to 10 ?

Uh, disarm how? Like, right next to him and taking his gun? Or like, trying to shoot his hand so the gun falls? Both are dangerous honestly (like probably an 8 out of 10). He is holding a ranged weapon with the longest range possible, so he could hit you if you mess up, regardless of your distance. You making a move on him makes you vulnerable to be seen and countered. Being invisible would give you an advantage though as he has to pass a check to see you first. But if he does succeed, his chances of hitting you are as good as you hitting him.


I just really don’t like killing.


What if I attack him first then Cynthia disarms him using invisibility.

Doesn't matter unless you actually disarm him successfully. Unlike your previous enemies, Hyde has 2 advantages. 1. He's smart. Not just a dumb corpse running on instinct. 2. He has range, which means he can counter anyone attacking him, regardless of their distance. So essentially, if he has gun equipped, regardless of who attacks, he will counter. I was not kidding when I said he was dangerous. He's not invincible by any means though. But he has a very real chance of killing any one of you. Cynthia's advantage would be that she could gain a 1st attack on him before he realizes he's being attacked (he can see the rest of you).

Let me put it this way. If you fight Hyde, you will basically be fighting me as if I was a player with everything he has and with my full intention being on how to survive or kill you guys.


I like this part lol

@Malicewolf, can you show the most acuratly on the map where’s Hyde, and the direction he’s looking at please ?





We are behind him or not ?

You all are in front of him. You said you came back into the Castle. He's at the castle doorway. Meaning he can also run away tbh.

Isn’t the passage blocked because of the abyss ?

It's a slippery pathway downhill away from the castle (which the rain is preventing you from going down atm. However, he's a mad scientist. He has his ways (aka, the rain and pathway was meant to keep player's at castle because I have nothing for outside in the opposite direction planned). :stuck_out_tongue:

So…basically, he can make an Out-Of-Bound, but not us ?

Yes, essentially.


I shall walk past him to the outside.

And so you did. But as a heads up, you do not have a ranged weapon, so you'd have to wait for him to come to you or be like... right behind him. Which, he will be suspicious of.