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Are we ready for THE LORD?


Oh, that’s easy.

Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 10 (EXP 0)
Equipped Item : (Halberd: 2 handed weapon +3 attack, +2 reach, 2 Inventory)
(Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON : 15 -> 16 [+1]
STR : 10 -> 15 [+5]
DEX : 12 -> 15 (-5) [+8]
CHA : 11 -> 14 [+3]
PER : 7 -> 10 [+3]
Inventory : Cleaning rag, small pebbles, Metal Shield, 2 unknown medicine, 166 gold

Also from your reply to YGGM (Cynthia), I take only 5 flasks and 10 Vials (they’re small so yeah)

As you do not have any sort of carrying case that would specifically hold a lot of them (and they are full of liquid without any tops on them) i'll only allow you to pick up 2 to take with you. They are flammable as Cynthia already found out, and as you all found out, they will bring dead bodies back to life if it hits them.


Guess I’ll check the hulks necklace thingy then.


LowKee walks up to the dead hulking monster and picks out the golden necklace from the monster's corpse. It looks very nice, has a heart shape design and even covered in blood, seems to shimmer and sparkle. It looks quite expensive.

Quiet day today it seems xD


Ho hum. I’m waiting on you I guess.

Is Dr Strange still present?


Heh, i'm here. Still waiting on @Padaruyos to lvl up though. The basement doesn't really have much in terms of anything in it. Hyde already cleared up a lot of it when he packed up shop and started to leave the castle. I did decide to keep Hyde at the Castle for the time being. He's curious how the adventurers fared against the hulk monster.


I’m so fking his shit up next.

I can only hope so. :joy:


Go on then, let’s go find him and see what he has to say.

LowKee heads upstairs to see Hyde standing near the doorway opening. "Ah, so one of you lot is still alive. Come back to beg for my help? (he snickers) Or perhaps you turned tail and ran while your friends were getting squashed (he laughs maniacally). Well, supply and demand my friend! The price for my assistance has gone up!"


I’d like to take the maximum amount of cloth scraps I can, and then, a round of Molotov Cocktails ^^

I'll allow you to carry 5 total as you have your purse. Others can only carry 2 on them.

Name: Cynthia
Lvl: 10 (EXP 130)
Equipped item: (Butcher’s knife: +3 dmg 18+ rolls cleave bone, 1 inventory)
(Cross Bow: D4 dmg roll, +10 reach, 1 inventory [DEX roll to hit target])
Pearl Necklace: +1 CHA
CON: 11
STR: 10
DEX: 20
CHA: 14 (+1)
PER: 20
Inventory: Rapier, makeshift cloth purse, gun, 3 bullets, 150 gold, 2 Unknown Medicines, Molotov x5


Then…Go upstairs, I don’t want to turn claustrophobic

You head upstairs to see LowKee and Hyde talking. You hear the backend of the conversation.
Hyde: "...Perhaps you turned tail and ran while your friends were getting squashed (he laughs maniacally). Well, supply and demand my friend! The price for my assistance has gone up!"
Hyde's turns to see Cynthia come up as well.
Hyde: "Oh, so another survived then? Hmmm, was that beast down there that weak? No, perhaps you both ran away? Did you come to pay me to save you little girl? (he snickers again)."


I’ll ask what he is selling, using my charisma.

Roll 10 (+3 bonus). No bonus or discounts.
Hyde: "The same as before my friend. 50 gold to kill everything downstairs for you. 25 gold for just the big one and for a mere 10 gold, i'll tell you how to kill it easier. And my inventory is still up for grabs as well of course!"

Unknown Medicine x3: +10hp (up to max) - 15 gold
Morphine x10: +10hp for 2 turns (temp over max) [when worn off, hp will go to 1 if below] - 40 gold
Enhanced Steroids x2: +5 CON, STR, & DEX for 3 turns - 30 gold
CON Syringe x3: Perm +3 to CON (cannot over max)- 50 gold
STR Syringe x3: Perm +3 to STR (cannot over max) - 50 gold
DEX Syringe x3: Perm +3 to DEX (cannot over max) - 50 gold
Repellent x5: Undead will avoid you for 3 turns - 20 gold
Flamethrower: D4 dmg 15+ (per target) burns target for 1 dmg per turn. Enemy rolls D2 to put flame out, +3 reach (AOE), 1 inventory - 100 gold
Modified Staff: D6 +2 dmg, +3 reach, 2 inventory - 60 gold
Fire Bomb x2: D10 +3 dmg, +5 reach AOE, 1 inventory - 80 gold [SOLD]
Modified Large Shield: D4 +2 dmg, full body shield, 15+ roll blocks frontal dmg, 2 inventory [15 STR required to use] - 150 gold
Modified Large Flame Sword: D8 + 4 dmg, 17+ burns target for 1 dmg per turn. Enemy rolls D2 to put flame out, +1 reach, 2 handed - 200 gold
Modified Large Flame Axe: D10 + 3 dmg, 17+ burns target for 1 dmg per turn. Enemy rolls D2 to put flame out, +2 reach, 2 handed - 220 gold


What did we say my sword was, d2 or d4?

longsword is d4+3 dmg


I’ll show the Dr the Necklace.

LowKee pulls out the necklace for Hyde to see.

Hyde: “Oh, quick sparkly! I’m sure that’d sell for a pretty price. Perhaps I’ll take it off your hands for 100 gold?”

Revres: “No… no. It, it can’t be. But that’s the necklace I gave to Titiana! Where did you find that sir LowKee?!”

Hyde: “Oh, that pretty one, eh? She wasn’t so pretty after she came back, that’s for sure!” (He snickers again).

Revres: “No, don’t tell me you…” (Revres eyes swell up. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small pocket knife and stabs it into his neck. He falls over, gurgling blood, with tears running down his eyes before he stops moving).

Hyde: “Well… that was quite dramatic, now wasn’t it… We could revive him if you want. But I’m sure the fella would just do the same thing again even if we did.” (the doctor shrugs, obviously not shaken by the scene).


Reply to Hyde:

“Next time you create something like the now dead again muscle mountain, try to make it bolt-proof and explosive-proof, if you want it to be a threat…
Except for one person that got knocked unconscious for a bit of time, almost no hurts.”

Hyde: "oh? So you all survive that thing huh? Hmm, perhaps it was weaker than i first thought. It made quick work of the castle guards. But then again, so could i (he laughs maniacally)."


A question, who’s Titiana ?

she was briefly mentioned before when lowkee pressed Jessica and Revres to talk. No one dug in to find out more.


Imma sell the necklace, long sword, shield and buy the flame axe.

The following items would be sold for the below prices if sold to Hyde. Just making sure you know before selling.

Gold Necklace - 100 gold
Longsword - 5 gold
Metal Shield - 8 gold
Total = 113 gold.


I’m gonna search for Jessica, and ask her then… (considering Revres is currently a bit…“cold-hearted”)

You head upstairs into the lords office and see Jessica sitting on the desk. Cynthia asks Jessica who Titiana is.
Jessica: "Titiana? The slut maid? How do you know of her? She was after the new head butler, Thomas. She's been around for quite a while I think. Before I came to the castle. She was in her Mid 30's i think. She used to hand around Revres a lot before he lost his position. She was also extremely lazy. She'd always try to seduce the men around the castle to do her work for her. Disgusting creature if I may say so myself."


Ah okay, I’ll sell the necklace and dump the sword and shield incase anyone wants them or wants to sell them.

You have 251 gold after selling the Necklace. The Flame Axe costs 220 gold. You're down to 31.

Name: LowKee (Basement)
Lvl: 11 (EXP 80)
Equipped item:
(Modified Large Flame Axe: D10 + 3 dmg, 17+ roll burn, +2 reach, 2 handed, 2 inventory)
(Champion’s Armor: -2 body dmg, 17+ roll blocks additional 3 dmg, -3 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 10
STR: 20
DEX: 20 (-3)
CHA: 15
PER: 15
Inventory: 31 gold, 2 small medicine, 2 steroid, 1 bandage, 1 medicinal drug, 3 Enhanced Steroids


I think Hyde buy at lower price

And don’t you have a boost in selling value when you sell it to the guards in the guard’s house ?


Ah. Done now…