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Help me please, I’m dying lol.


Wait for Malice, LowKee is already on his way to


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Wow, pick your times to go awol @Malicewolf lol


Dang, i have terrible luck.

I equipped the frying pan and one of my Fire Bombs. I try to hit HDC 11’s head with my Frying Pan, if it hits, i will proceed to shove that Fire Bomb into it’s throat, Resident Evil style.

If the Frying Pan attack misses, i’m just gonna throw that Fire Bomb near that HDC, and then i tell everyone to back off to avoid the explosion.


But I’m currently unconscious!


Also, there are no more HDCs, only the big hulk left.


Oh, just replace the HDC with Hulk.


You sure that hulk’s gonna open his mouth to a single frying pan hit? Im very, VERY sure that he’s going to bite your arm off the instant you try to shove it down his throat.

Just throw that near him bro.


Change of plans, i’m just gonna throw that firebomb at it.


Lmao, you got scared did you lil’ archaeologist?


My bad folks, as I said before, weekends are my weakness for activity :joy: YGGM, that post you made above had me DYING. :rofl::joy: Everything was pretty much 100% spot on from this experience hahaha. Now for moving things along!

Cynthia keeps her distance and fires arrows at the monster from afar.... carefully. Rolls 12 to hit. The arrow flies into the air and lands nicely into the monster's flesh. Roll 4 for dmg. Monster is at -18 hp.

LowKee see's Bruce lying on the floor afar and runs over to help him out and bandage him up. Bruce is alive and fine, but still unconscious. LowKee drags him away. LowKee is now 1 turn away from his drugs wearing off.

CyaKnight swings at the monster with his Halberd. Roll 5 to hit. He dinks the monster with his Halberd, but doesn't penetrate the skin again. Shame. The Monster takes a swing back at Cya. Roll 1 to hit. The monster swings and misses and ends up slipping on the liquid still on the floor and hurting itself for 1 dmg. Monster is at -19 hp.

Pada pulls out his handy dandy newly acquired fire bomb and throw's it towards the beast. Roll 16 to hit. Pada kobe's the throw and it lands perfectly behind the beast without hitting CyaKnight at all. Roll 6 for dmg (+3) for a total of 9 dmg. Monster is currently at (-28 dmg). The Hulk Monster is visibly bloodied and looks like it's ready to fall over any second now.


“Heh, I can’t move at all in this armor…”

I now end this monster’s life with a stab to the eyes… Well, if it even has one.

If not, I just stab it in the neck, hopefully it penetrates it.

CyaKnight attempts to stab at it once again. Roll 9 to hit (+1 bonus). Once again, he stabs at it to no avail. The flesh just seems to thick for the Halberd to get through. The Hulk monster takes yet another swing at CyaKnight. Roll 20... thank goodness you have that helmet on to prevent crit dmg. Roll 1 for dmg (+4 bonus). Luckily, Cya's armor is nice and thick. Cya takes 3 dmg from the strike in total.

Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 6 (EXP 0)
Equipped Item : (Halberd: 2 handed weapon +3 attack, +2 reach, 2 Inventory)
(Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON : 15 (-3)
STR : 10
DEX : 12 (-5)
CHA : 11
PER : 7
Inventory : Cleaning rag, small pebbles, Metal Shield, 2 unknown medicine, 16 gold


Murphy’s laws all the way :smile_cat:

Shoot the monster again, better sorry than dead

Cynthia raises her crossbow from afar again and fires (CAREFULLY) at the beast. NATURAL 20!! Roll 2 for dmg for a total of 4 dmg (it's dead no matter what though). The hulking beast goes DOWN, slamming on the floor with a huge THUD that seemed to have shaken the entire castle. Congrats on beating a boss. :wink:

Here were the stats of the beast btw.

Name: Bulk Monster
Equipped item: Massive hands: D4 dmg + bonus
CON: 30
STR: 20
DEX: 10
CHA: 1
PER: 5

Cause I KNOW one of you is going to do it (and i'll be away for a bit today for a DnD session ironically) you check the corpse and find just a single bloodied item on the beast. It looks like it was strangling it and just dug into the skin of the beast. It's a pretty gold necklace.

I'm going to do the rewards slightly differently this time (hopefully a bit more organized for you). See the below charts. :slight_smile:

EXP earned:
Bruce - 850 EXP (4 lvls, 20 points)
LowKee - 800 EXP (4 lvls, 20 points)
CyaKnight - 800 EXP (lvls, 20 points)
Cynthia - 880 EXP (4 lvls, 20 points)
Pada - 800 EXP (4 lvls, 20 points)

Gold earned: All players receive 150 gold from the battle.

Items in the room:
4 white lab coats on a hanger.
Bazillion flasks, beakers, and test tubes filled with liquid

There isn't much in the basement, Hyde already cleaned up and packed up majority of things. I will grant ALL players back to full HP after this encounter (just assume you'll all rest before doing next big battle. No need to use up your items for it).


I’m gonna wake up, lol.

You're good again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Name: LowKee
Lvl: 7 (EXP 80)

Equipped item:
(Longsword: +3 damage, +1 reach, 1 inventory)

(Champion’s Armor: -2 body dmg, 17+ roll blocks additional 3 dmg, -3 DEX, 0 inventory)

(Metal Shield: Roll 15+ to block/parry most frontal attacks, 1 inventory)

CON: 10
STR: 20
DEX: 20 (-3)
CHA: 15
PER: 15
Inventory: 151 gold, 2 small medicine, 1 bandage, 1 medicinal drug, 1Enhanced Steroids

I think that’s right.


Name: Bruce (Upstairs)
Lvl: 11
Equipped item: (Electric Baton: D4 dmg 12+ stun opponent 1 turn, 1 inventory)
(Cross Bow: D4 dmg roll, +10 reach, 1 inventory [DEX roll to hit target])
(Leather Armor: 14+ rolls -1 body dmg, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 14
STR: 16
DEX: 18 (-1)
CHA: 16
PER: 16
Inventory: 1 Knife, 151 gold


CON: 10=>11 (+1)
STR: 10
DEX: 10=>20 (+10)
CHA: 10=>14 (+4)
PER: 15=>20 (+5)

Inventory: Rapier, makeshift cloth purse, gun, 3 bullets, 150 gold, 2 Unknown Medicines

What’s a Bazillion flask ?

Just meaning, there's practically unlimited amount you can take from it, it's so many. Ofc, I won't let you all just take 100's or anything. It'll be the same as before. What you could reasonably carry along with you.


“Bah, that beast… I dont like him, he doesn’t get penetrated enough by my Halberd… Or maybe this armor is hindering me. It still bugs me nevertheless.”

I now go up check the huge number of flasks, beakers and sciencey items . “My chemisty professor always uses these flasks, beakers, and… Vials I guess. He always makes stuff that does good but has side effects… He ain’t that good.”

I chec

Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 10 (EXP 0)
Equipped Item : (Halberd: 2 handed weapon +3 attack, +2 reach, 2 Inventory)
(Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON : 15 -> 20 [+5]
STR : 10 -> 15 [+5]
DEX : 12 -> 20 (-5) [+8]
CHA : 11 -> [+2]
PER : 7
Inventory : Cleaning rag, small pebbles, Metal Shield, 2 unknown medicine, 166 gold

Your stats are off. Your highest can't be over double your lowest (7 is lowest, so 14 is highest currently). Please fix and repost.:slight_smile: