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Knight 2: "Did you get knock n the head or somethin' capt'n? Bit of amnesia or somethin'? Your the one who brought us here n told us ta keep the door locked as you check the situation. We still ready to sacrifice our lives for ta greater good though. Glad these fellas came n help though. Maybe we can still salvage everythin' here. So who we lose among our brother's sir? Who still among the livin'?"

Knight 1: "Calm down Ray. I'm sure the captain's been through a lot. He's been gone for nearly 6 hours out there! And there's STILL things out there to kill. I can't imagine all the trauma he's been though already. I assume the reason these outsider's are wearing our armor is cause our brother's have fallen already and not like the armor's doing much good for them now. Right captain?"

Ray: "Sorry Terry. Sure ya right. Though... what about tha vacation thingy? That sounds like a nice idea to me! Imma survive this nightmar' n get back to me wife n kid. This whol thin' gaven me some perspective, ya?"

Terry: "Anywho, back on topic. If you got a bit of amnesia, it was about 8 hours ago. The castle began to be overrun by those corpses. They were just flooding out of the basement. Weren't too tough, but then there was that big thing blocking the stairs. None of our weapons seemed to do much to it before getting smashed to dust by it. Couldn't ever figure out where those creatures were coming from. Though, most of the staff seemed to be either missing, or dead by the time we got there. We fought and held those things back as best we could, but got overrun and fled back here to the guard house with you and Max. Speaking of, where is he? He left with you to check things out. The other 6 guards were in the house already though when the chaos broke out. Hopefully Leon's still alive in the Castle. Can't imagine he'd be taken down by these things, no matter how many there were. They just don't got the caliber. Unless that big thing got to him that is..."

You've met Ray and Terry. They are both under the impression that CyaKnight is their captain due to the armor he's wearing. As a side note, you may want to be careful. As CyaKnight has chosen to deceive these 2 instead of revealing he's not their captain, if they see their captain's dead body or Cya's actual face, it will be quite obvious. Since Cya is heading off, I'll make it so the guards are now friendly believing you all to be helping their captain and will answer your questions to fill in the gaps.


I’ll go take the Butcher knife and say hello to anyone on the way to, if I didn’t met them already
(drop the plates if not enough carry space)

And then, inspect the bridge

Did you want to equip the Butcher's Knife or just carry it? You wave at the folks at the Guard House from afar as you inspect the bridge. You roll a 9 on perception at the bridge. Cynthia looks around the bridge area. It was a wooden bridge, unlike the stone bridge in the front of the castle. Looks like it was blown up or something.The wood is a bit charred where it's broken and you can see scraps of wood thrown about on the ground on both sides. The gap is pretty wide. Definitely not a humanly possible jumping distance to try to cross it.

Name: Cynthia
Lvl: 3 (EXP 20)
Equipped item: (Butcher’s knife: +3 dmg 18+ rolls cleave bone, 1 inventory)
CON: 10
STR: 5
DEX: 10
CHA: 5
PER: 10
Inventory: Stone tile, torch, makeshift cloth purse, 30 gold


(tomorrow ill answer those, too tired)


Equip it, and keep the stone tile in the bag, in case of

(What’s the effect of the Butcher Knife when rolling 18+ ?)


You cleave through bone.


Thanks Captain Oblivious ^^

I mean, what it does in-battle or outside of battle ?
Reduce the opponent’s DEX ? Hit multiple ennemies ? Increase the amount of Critical damage inflicted? Allow to attack a second time ? Something else ?

Bone Cleave = if you roll an 18+ hit roll, you'll be able to cut through bone of enemy. Aka, you can cut through them with an 18+ roll. You can use it to whatever advantage you wish that makes sense. Such as cutting off their arm to make them drop their weapon, to their leg to prevent them from running away. Could even go for the neck to flat out try to kill them. Overall, it means if you roll 18+ you can maim them of a limb of your choosing.


Oh ok ^^

I’d like to check if the lockpad of the stable is already open, and if not, go to the stairs

The padlock on the Stable is indeed open. LowKee opened it with a key. CyaKnight based it with the Stone Sword and thought he opened it himself. But no one has actually taken it off and opened the door yet. :joy:


Open the door, stay outside of the building, and check any suspiscious noise/sight/etc to not get ambushed by someoen or something


I’ll cover Cynthia.


Cynthia removes the padlock and opens the stable's door just a peek to see inside of it. All seems quite from the looks of everything. Cynthia rolls perception roll of 11. LowKee rolls a perception roll of 17. The stable is dark inside, but you can clearly see the smear of blood from the entry way into the stable itself. There is no noise inside, not a single whinny or neigh of a horse. It looks like the stable holds about 8 stalls worth of horses inside. You cannot see what is in the stall's from where you are, but can definitely see the blood trail leads into at least the 1st two stall's on either side (updated map).


Let’s search this ■■■■■!

LowKee decides to barge in anyways! He checks out the 1st two stalls. There's a bunch of dead bodies... One side looks like a pile of Half Dead Corpses (a couple dozen). Looks like they did quite a bit of damage control before we got here... The other side looks like... staff... a bunch of folks in maid and butler outfits seem to be piled in here. You move onto the next two stalls. They both look empty. You move on to the next 2 stalls. Looks like a dead horse in each. Looks like they were slashed out by weapons. You move on to check the last 2 stalls in the Stable. The left side has a large hay pile. Looks like there's a dent there, like someone may have been sleeping on the job here. You see a pitchfork to the side as well in this stall. The other side has a chest. Opening it, you find 10 gold.


Search the bodies, stall and hay please.

Evaluate the pitchfork too.

You look through the bodies hoping to find something of worth on them. As you look through the Half Dead Corpses, you see nothing of worth. Just a lot of torn up clothing and blood. You head to the other side and start checking the corpses of the staff. And of course, being the perfect gentlemen Jeeves thinks you are now, you are careful about where your hands search. :unamused: As you search all the pockets of the staff, you find a total of 30 gold, 2 sets of matches (contains 30 matches in each), some smokes, a pearl necklace, a nice gold watch, and some handkerchiefs (you could also take butler or maid outfit if you like for aesthetics). Up to you if you want to share the wealth or not.

Pitchfork: +2 attack, +2 reach, 1 inventory


Behead/Smack the head of all the corpses here, and the check if there’s nothing hiding near the cadavers

As LowKee searches the bodies, Cynthia scours the bodies to ensure nothing surprises her. She's had enough surprises! She begins to systematically chop the heads off of the corpses to ensure they're all dead. After a very bloody endeavor, she finishes the chore. Looks like nothing in here was still alive and hiding. But better safe than sorry!


Noooo I wanted to ride the horses…

sad day for you


CyaKnight heard all of that, and replied.

“Unfortunately, I think I did Ray. It hurts for some reason. And yes Terry, these refugees have gotten our brother’s armors, I saw them pick them up. Don’t lose hope you two, we are going to get through this nightmare and end the monster’s lives! Also, where IS Max? I haven’t seen him yet, along with Leon. I hope they didn’t get taken away by those monsters, I saw some peculiarly strong ones somewhere near the stables earlier. They never stood a chance to us though, with these Refugees, they’ll be our new recruits for now. Anyways, care to show me what you have done in the past few hours inside here house?”

Leading Ray and Terry inside the house and facing backwards from LowKee, Bruce and Padaruyos, I turn back for a few seconds and gave them a signal to hide the bodies in the bushes.

Terry: "We've been guarding the weapons as you ordered sir. Locked the door and made sure these didn't get out for those... things to use. Not that they'd properly use them, but they could still hurt in the wrong hands... as you said to us."
Ray and Terry move aside, still believing CyaKnight's to be their captain, and allow him and the other's to come inside of the Guard House. As you look around, you see a large inventory of items (available to buy). There are shields, weapons, and armor all about.

Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory (20 gold)

Leather Armor: 14+ rolls -1 body dmg, 0 inventory (5 gold)

Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory (5 gold)

Short Spear: +2-3 attack (pending 1 handed or 2 handed), +1 reach, 1 inventory (7 gold)

Longsword: +3 damage, +1 reach, 1 inventory (12 gold)

Metal Shield: Roll 15+ to block/parry most frontal attacks, 1 inventory (18 gold)

Halberd: 2 handed weapon, +3 attack, +2 reach, 2 inventory (20 gold)

Large Hammer: 2 handed weapon, +4 attack (ignores armor), +1 reach, 2 inventory (30 gold)

Mace: +3 attack (ignores armor), 1 inventory (10 gold)

Cross Bow: D4 dmg roll, +10 reach, 1 inventory [DEX roll to hit target] (25 gold)

Champion’s Armor x1: -2 body dmg, 17+ roll blocks additional 3 dmg, -3 DEX, 0 inventory (75 gold)


Do you think we are ready to fight The Lord? If so, let’s meet up.


@Bruce0206 I’m not sure if the Lord is the biggest problem tbh.

Logically speaking, I would have pegged him as being the boss as he’s behind a door we can’t open… But the description about the thing in the basement and the dead coming from there… I dunno anymore.


I feel that’s gonna be a bigger problem than the Lord If weapons don’t scratch it.


Should we bring a torch to the basement?


(Oh no, that means I killed Ray and Terry’s friends.)

Yes, yes it does :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: