Malice's DnD-ish Forum Game!


Name: Pada
Lvl: 2
Equipped Item: Frying Pan 9 (+2 DMG, roll 16+ knocks enemy unconscious.)
CON: 9 => 9
STR: 6 => 6
DEX: 5 => 5
CHA: 5 => 5
PER: 5 => 10
Inventory: Diary, Wooden Stake, Small Axe, 5 small crystals, 40 gold

Pada with his enhanced Perception starts to examine the garden for the second time, this time more thoroughly, there can’t only be flowers growing around here.

Perception roll 19 (+2 bonus for 21). Pada looks around the garden with gusto for anything out of ordinary or suspicious. The rain however makes this task quite the chore! But nothing get's past his keen eye! Scouring the entire garden (aside from all the flowers, shrubbery, and decor), Pada notices some interesting details:

  • 2 of the bushes hide chests. Upon inspecting them closer, they don’t look to be trapped. Opening them up, he finds a 10 gold and 5 small crystals (worth 25 gold a piece). Looks like the staff were stealing and hiding some items in the garden!
  • The stable is locked! There is a large padlock on it. Looks like a key could open it up. Or perhaps something big and heavy could break the lock. There doesn’t seem to any other ways into the Stable though from the looks of it.
  • The guard house seems to be locked in the front as well. Looks like a key will also be required to open this one. However, it seems locked from the inside and it doesn’t look like this door will be easy to break down… From your observation there doesn’t seem to be any other entrances.
  • You can see a large muddy pathway in front of the stable. It looks like the routes that the horses must have took around the castle grounds! The pathway leads off the Castle Grounds to a bridge that leads towards the forest. However, the bridge is broken. Looks like someone… blew it up? Man… this castle was surely well protected from anyone trying to invade… or escape.



I nearly choked on my lemonade, ‘Sir LowKee’.

I’ll set about patching everyone up as best I can then try my key in the newly found lock.

:joy: which locked door would you like to try? Also, i just noticed, you actually have 2 keys. I just forgot to put in your inventory. Also, you have the ability to heal everyone to full hp here. But you'd be left with only the steroids.

Omg 2 keys??? Well that’s just messed up everything. Pfft!

I’ll try both keys in the padlock, heal everyone and a find a juicy vein to inject my roids into.


New stats
CON: 6 => 10 (+4)
STR: 4 => 5 (+1)
DEX: 8 => 10 (+2)
CHA: 4 => 5 (+1)
PER: 8 => 10 (+2)

No scavengering from the corpse

I’d like to check the garden


Pada already checked the garden and rolled high. So currently, the above is pretty much everything for the garden.:slight_smile: Also, feel free to grab anything from the inventory list from the afterbattle that isn't currently in someone else's possession (labelled as well). It's pretty much first come, first serve. You can of course trade with one another though!

Examining the battlefield the adventurers find the following items that they can use from the dead corpses:

Heavy Armor x2: Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory when equipped

Armor Facemask x2: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory

Longsword: +3 damage, +1 reach, 1 inventory (currently in Bruce hands)

Metal Shield: Roll 15+ to block/parry most frontal attacks, 1 inventory (LowKee took)

Halberd: 2 handed weapon, +3 attack, +2 reach, 2 inventory (currently in CyaKnight’s hands)

Garden Shears: 2 handed weapon, +2 damage, 17+ roll = Dismember: can cut off limbs, 2 inventory

Small Axe: +2 damage, 18+ roll bone cleave, 1 inventory [Pada Took]

Garden Hoe: +2 damage, +1 reach, 1 inventory


I would like to examinate the padlocks then, to see if I could crochet them

And when I said no scavengering, it wasn’t a question ^^
It was an affirmation meaning “I take nothing from the corpse, nothing interest me” ^^

You examine the padlock to the Stable (roll 12). It looks like an ordinary padlock to you. Nothing super special. Could open it with a key, or could probably force your way through it you really want to.


Name: Bruce
CON: 8 (-2)
STR: 10
DEX: 12 (-5)
CHA: 10
PER: 10


I’ll try both keys in the padlock, heal everyone and a find a juicy vein to inject my roids into.

You pass around the medicine and patch everyone in the Garden up (what an upstanding citizen). You then go to try out your keys on the locks for both outdoor buildings. 1st the stable padlock comes undone and opens without issue. Without opening the stable door, you then walk over and attempt to use the other key on the Guard House door. It goes in and you hear a nice *click* and the door unlocks. As the door opens, you can see 2 Armored Knights with spears pointed directly at you. The Armored Knight to the right of you speaks in a shaky voice, "Halt! Not another step!".

Name: LowKee
Lvl: 5 (50xp)
Equipped items:
(Short Spear: +2-3 attack (pending 1 handed or 2 handed), +1 reach, 1 inventory)
(Metal Shield: Roll 15+ to block/parry most frontal attacks, 1 inventory),
(Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 10
STR: 10 (+3)
DEX: 10 (-4)(+3)
CHA: 10
PER: 10
Inventory: 40 gold, pocket watch, key, dagger


Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 3 (200xp)
Equipped Item : (Halberd: 2 handed weapon +3 attack, +2 reach, 2 Inventory)
(Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON : 10
STR : 9
DEX : 7 (-5)
CHA : 7
PER : 7
Inventory : Cleaning rag, small pebbles, 30 gold

Equip Halberd, Armor Facemask, and Heavy Armor.

After that, examine the area surrounding us.


Btw I take Halberd, Heavy Armor and Armor Facemask

Leaving me with 2 DEX lol

Although, I can take less damage and I am devoid of Criticals :smiley:


Pada already examined the garden, look at Malice’s post above.


CyaKnight walks up to the stable lock. It seems sturdy enough to not be broken with any regular weapon.

“Hmmm… Maybe that stone sword from before is good enough to break this…” CyaKnight thought to himself.

CyaKnight puts the Halberd in his back and picks up the Stone Sword (not a dual-wield, just temporary), then tries to break the lock.

Without realizing LowKee's key had already worked on the Stable padlock, CyaKnight bashes in the padlock with the Stone Sword. Rolled a 4. Cyaknight wiggles the lock and see's it's undone. He's quite proud of himself thinking that he based it open and stands triumphantly in front of the stable door before putting the Stone Sword down. Would you like to take the lock off and open the door?


I’d like to check the muddy path, and if not dangerous, start going into it

Cynthia walks up to the muddy path and follows it. And continue's to follow it. Hey, wait, this spot looks familiar! Cynthia realizes after a bit that it's just a big circle in the yard that the horses would trot along. She can see there's a pathway to a bridge, but it's broken. The gap is too large to attempt to jump across.


Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 3 (EXP 0)
Equipped Item : (Halberd: 2 handed weapon +3 attack, +2 reach, 2 Inventory)
(Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory)
(Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON : 10
STR : 9
DEX : 7 (-5)
CHA : 7
PER : 7
Inventory : Cleaning rag, small pebbles, 30 gold

“Ahahaha! I unlocked it! Also, I’m hearing people in the Guard’s House.” CyaKnight said, without even knowing it’s already unlocked. (7 perception)

CyaKnight looked back, and saw LowKee facing two Armored Knights.

“Heh, more knights. Let me try talking to them.”, walking towards the house.

CyaKnight walks up to the Guard House fully decked out in armor now, face not showing (LowKee has no facemask) and greets his fellow knights! Immediately, one of the Armored Knights ask him, "Is that you Captain?! We thought you died! You went to check things out hours ago and never came back! We didn't open the door for anyone, but this fellla opened the door (they both look at LowKee suspiciously).


I glare at the guards, “At ease!”

Both Knights keep their spears up at LowKee's words. Obviously they are NOT at ease. Looks like they've been through a lot already. They look back at CyaKnight waiting for their captains response.


CyaKnight is kind of confused, but did not show it.

“Yes, why did you think a Captain like me would die that easily? Anyways these people right here are lost in the forests nearby, and came here for refuge.”

Slightly confused of what to say, he thought of that from the back of his head.

Both Knights stand down and salute the 'Captain'. Both knights start to bombard CyaKnight with questions: "What's going on outside captain? Are all of those... monstrosities outside killed now? What of our brother's inside the castle? And were you able to kill that... thing inside the castle? Did you still destroy the bridges so nothing could escape? Can we still get off the castle grounds?!" You wonder just how long these 2 knights have been locked up inside of this place...


I drop my butcher knife and wield my longsword.
(CyaKnight, free them from this place!)

It is done!


I answer their questions with some common sense with what has happened around recently.

“What’s going outside? How long have you been locked up in this place anyways? What happened is these refugees helped me and some of my men defeat a few more of those monsters. Although, some of them did not survive the horrendous battle…” Answered the first and second one.

“Your brother are missing for the time being. We actually have no idea on where they got to. I’ve guessed that it’s one of those monstrosities faults.” Answered the third one.

“No, unfortunately we haven’t yet. That thing took the lives of many men… Too many in fact… I’ll make that demon pay and send it back in hell!” Answered the fourth one, with a slight pause, clearly depicting I am angry about it.

“Yes, I would NOT allow those monsters leave this place to terrorize the world, and we would be the ones to take care of them for now.” Answered the fifth one.

“Yes, only if your jobs are done. When it is done, I may give some men a 3 day vacation, enough for you to do whatever with your families.” Answered the sixth one.

And I ask one of my own, “So, can you tell me what happened recently in the castle? I wasn’t able to witness everything since that thing tried to eat me alive, and I barely escaped for my life.”.


I say hello to these knights.


“Oh, hello good sir. Brothers, this is also one of the fellows that helped us”


After malice wolf has done his post ill go to sleep night