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Sure, I’d get that.

Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 1
Equipped Item : N/A
CON : 7
STR : 7
DEX : 5
CHA : 6
PER : 5
Inventory : N/A

After listening to Revres, I replied “Okay, take care then”. I then wandered around for a bit and went inside the dining room. I found a corpse of some sort, which I believe was killed in battle, and a stone sword on the table.

  • Pick up Stone Sword? = Yes


I acquired that stone sword from a statue and bashed up a half dead corpse with it!


I looked at my stick, and muttered.

“This thing ain’t gonna last long.”


We have daggers somewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh boy Sans is gonna be so angry…


You bang loudly on the bookcase hoping to get attention on it from everything inside the Guest Room and then book it to the Office and down the hallway. You get back to the office door and try to stealthily open up the doorway. Perception check roll 9. What you didn't realize was that as you were running, you were still in your suit of armor, clanging away. You opened the door and all were staring directly at the doorway. They are now fully aware of your presence.

Perception check on chest rolled 11. You notice nothing different on it. Perception roll on the bookshelf rolled 8. You see books. Oh boy! Books!

Pada walks into the kitchen and see's it's still dark. From what you can see, it's a vast kitchen. Straight across, you can see a sliding glass door that leads outside. It is still raining outside and you can vaguely see some figures outside. It looks like a garden out back and the side of a building wall. Some windows line the back wall and you can see a stable to the far right of the yard against the back of the castle wall. Looking down the kitchen, there is a huge island table spreading the entire length, splitting the kitchen in 2. Numerous pots and pans are hanging above the island (looks like dozens). You see 3 sinks on the far side wall. Dirty broken plates are in many of them. There are plenty of cabinets open above the sinks, but most look emptied out already. After viewing them closer, it looks like some scraps of food are still in there, but nothing substantial (aka nothing in the cabinets you can use). On the far side of the room to the right is a chopping table with a person's head. There is also a staircase leading down in the far right corner.

Equipped Stone Sword


go back to dinning room, and bind some clothes together to make a makeshift purse, to carry a few rags of clothing, if I ever need to make a compress or a gag (or carry one or two golden pieces, etc, you got the idea)

Name: Cynthia
Lvl: 1
Equipped item: (Stone tile - +2 dmg 18+ hit roll = knock enemy unconscious, 1 inventory)
CON: 6
STR: 4
DEX: 8
CHA: 4
PER: 8
Inventory: 3 plates, torch, makeshift cloth purse

I'll allow it. Where would you like to go next?


Grab some cloth rags to put in the purse, then check the fireplace

(and thanks ^^)

Perception roll 20. You look into the fireplace and it stares back at you, flickering, taunting you. Sadly, there's nothing special in the fireplace. I wish there was so that 20 would have served you :frowning:


We never know XD

I would like to go in the room between the one with the chest and the garden (don’t remember the naem)


The kitchen. Please see above, Pada’s response :slight_smile: I just gave an explanation of the kitchen there!


I identify the enemies around me.


You try to sneak back into the house undetected in your heavy suit of armor. It doesn't go so well this time though. You roll a 3 for stealth check.
As you attempt to sneak back to the kitchen, you start to slip in the muddy garden from all the rain. You catch yourself, but there was undoubtedly lots of noise associated with it. You look up and see the 2 Half Dead Corpses and the 2 Armored figures staring at you. They all start to move towards you. The 2 Half Dead Corpses are between you and the Kitchen door. The 2 Armored Figures are between you and the stable. The armored figures are about 2 turns away from you, but are moving very slowly. The 2 Corpses are are about 3 turns away from you.

Enemy 1 - Armored Figure: (Long Sword and Shield)
Enemy 2 - Armored Figure: (2 handed Halberd)
Enemy 3 - Corpse: (garden hoe)
Enemy 4 - Corpse: (small axe)


I would like to examinate the head

Who knows ? I might get a head start :joy_cat:

The head looks like it was severed clean off with a very sharp and large blade. Perhaps something kind of like what Bruce has. After closer examination, you notice some movement. Oh. It's maggots. Ew. There is nothing special about the head.


I say fk this, close the door and go downstairs and to the garden to join @Bruce0206, telling @Padaruyos, @cyanine and @YGGM that they should come on the way through the castle.

You close the door and whistle as if nothing has happened and head downstairs. Good thing these things don't seem to understand how door handles work! You make your way to the Garden where you currently see Bruce in between 4 enemies that he has yet to engage.


I charge through the corpses to the kitchen with my butcher knife like a lance.

Does Not Compute. Image of Butcher's knife below. Bruce runs straight at the Half Dead Corpses. STR roll 11. You run between the 2 enemies with shoulder down in an attempt to run through and knock them over. However, they see you coming and dodge out of the way and take a swing at you as you pass. Enemy 3 rolls 9. Enemy 4 rolls a 9. Bruce rolls a 7 and 14 to dodge. Enemy 3 swings across with a garden hoe and misses as you pass. Enemy 4 swings at you with a small axe in hand and hits. Damage roll 2 + weapon bonus +2. You're armor soaks up half the damage for -2 hp. Bruce makes it to the kitchen and finds quite a crowd waiting there, staring at him.

Name: Bruce
Lvl: 2 + 80xp
Equipped item: (Butcher’s knife: +3 dmg 18+ roll bone cleave, 1 inventory), (Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory), (Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 6 (-2)
STR: 7
DEX: 8 (-5)
CHA: 7
PER: 7
Inventory: 4 Knives, 5 gold, 1 medicinal drug


Name: Pada (Examining the Kitchen)
Lvl: 1 (EXP 0)
Equipped item: (Wooden Stake - +1 attack, 1 inventory)
CON: 9
STR: 6
DEX: 5
CHA: 5
PER: 5
Inventory: Diary

Pada approaches the island table, and tried to take the frying pan as a makeshift weapon.

“Oh, there’s a frying pan on that table.” (Pada picks up frying pan)

“Funny, this is the most modern-looking thing i ever seen in a while, also kind of heavy. (Pada knocks frying pan to table) Hmmmm, looks like this thing is made purely out of cast-iron, so that’s why this thing is heavy and rigid. I guess i’m gonna keep this thing, this will make a good weapon, or even a shield for that matter.”

Keep Frying Pan?

:heart: Yes

Equip Frying Pan?

:heart: Yes

“I’m starting to think that the Butler is a cannibal, or maybe it belongs to the “Vampire” CyaKnight is looking for? I don’t know.”

“Empty? That’s odd, i was expecting some food or herbs here.”

“Looks like the Butler is slacking off today.”

Pada then proceeds to catch up CyaKnight, then later he met another warrior which is oddly named Moose, the same guy that asked me to do “Pacifist Run”, and another warrior which he never seen before, oddly his mouth smells like popcorn.

Pada grabs the Frying Pan and puts the Wooden Stake in his belt loop. As he said, the Pan feels nice and heavy. Would probably hurt a lot if you smacked something in the face with it. And yes, perhaps it could block an incoming attack.

Name: Pada (Examining the Kitchen)
Lvl: 1 (EXP 0)
Equipped item: (Frying Pan - +2 dmg 16+ hit roll = knock enemy unconscious, 1 inventory)
CON: 9
STR: 6
DEX: 5
CHA: 5
PER: 5
Inventory: Diary, Wooden Stake


Where is Mr. Wolf when we need him?



Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 1
Equipped Item : (Stone Sword: +3 dmg on STR attack rolls, -2 DEX to dodge, 2 inventory)
CON : 7
STR : 7
DEX : 5 (-2)
CHA : 6
PER : 5
Inventory : N/A

Walks down the hallways a bit more and decided to go to the garden. While going to the garden, I found a couple “strangely” smooth and discolored pebbles and a few rags, which I believe is used for cleaning the kitchen. (the garden entrance is close to it)

  • Take the smooth and discolored pebbles? = Yes
  • Take the kitchen rags? = Yes

Now at the garden, and I found Moose and LowKee there.

Although Moose seems to be fighting corpses and armored knights, and those corpses have bite marks on their necks! It seems that Dracula (a vampire lord that I have been searching for) might’ve been here! Although, I won’t fight those because Moose seems to be charging at them, so I’ll aid fighting with the Armored Knights.

  • Aid Moose with fighting Armor Figure 1 and Armored Figure 2? = Yes (need DM’s configuration)

Please be careful about assuming actions or placing things on your own. If you wish to observe something in hopes something specific may be there, PM me and I can probably accommodate. Just need to be careful about that stuff as it could contradict the plot as well if not careful.

CyaKnight picks up a cleaning rag and some small pebbles. Maybe they'll come in handy? Time will tell. Cyaknight then focus' on the enemies furthest away as the 2 Half Dead Corpses seem occupied trying to hit Bruce. I think CyaKnight has his eye on that shiny armor they're wearing! The enemies are quite slow and CyaKnight closes the gap between them quickly. CyaKnight takes a swing at Enemy 1 with his huge stone sword. Rolled 11 to hit. Enemy 1 rolled 5 to block and failed. CyaKnight's swing with his stone sword was more than this enemy could take! Damage roll 2 (+4 total bonus) for 6 damage. Enemy is wearing heavy armor and takes 4 damage total. Enemy 1 is off balance from the heavy blow. Enemy 2 attempts an attack on CyaKnight. Rolls 12 to hit, Cya fails to dodge (roll 6). Enemy 2 rolls 2 for damage (+3 weapon damage) for a total of 5 damage. Cya is quite hurt right now.

Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 1
Equipped Item : (Stone Sword: +3 dmg on STR attack rolls, -2 DEX to dodge, 2 inventory)
CON : 7 (-5)
STR : 7
DEX : 5 (-2)
CHA : 6
PER : 5
Inventory : Cleaning rag, small pebbles


Are you really sure you want to fight armoured knights without armour? You should also move away from the kitchen because I’m charging to the kitchen.

For crying out loud, my name is Bruce!


Sure, @MaliceWolf aka @DungeonMaster is it possible to aide other people in battle?

I think I’ll only be able to handle 1 Knight, the rest to “Bruce”, not Moose I guess.



Providing I don’t fail whatever sort of roll I need to get away from my room of 6 enemies, I’ll be down to help.