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Cynthia take a few seconds to evaluate the trustability of the people in the room

Perception check roll of 16. Revres looks a bit shady. You gut tells you he's hiding something... Jessica seems like a straightforward and innocent girl. Probably trustworthy, but maybe a bit impulsive. LowKee seems very shady... but straightforward at the least. Perhaps a bit of a short temper?


Can I check the dinning room now please ?

Of course! You look around the Dining Room. The fireplace is lit up. The Dining Room table has a bunch of items sitting on it. A Stone Sword (guess that's from the statue outside!), a handle holder, 8 plates, 8 forks, 8 spoons, and 28 chair legs with cloth wrapped around them. You can see whats left of the chairs broken on the ground surrounding the table. The Butler (Revres) is standing to the side staring at you. "Do you need anything miss? You seem a tad lost."


I honestly look forward to it, I can tell you put alot of time and effort into it.

I had a general backstory with lots of details. The hard part I'm finding is when to bring those story's to the forefront and how. And sometimes you all force something I don't expect (like you forcefully making Jessica encounter Revres again). Most of the interactions are me thinking on my feet based on my knowledge of the character's background and how I think they would react/say.


I would take a plate (could be a makeshift shield) and some chair legs (as torches)

You can take a plate, however, it will not be a useful shield. Too fragile. 1 stack of plates = 3 to take up 1 inventory space. Each torch takes up an inventory space as well. With inventory, i'm being fairly realistic. If you couldn't hold everything on your body irl, then i likely won't allow it here either. At the moment, you will be overburdened and unable to walk away with everything.

Name: Cynthia
Lvl: 1
Equipped item: (Stone tile - +2 dmg 18+ hit roll = knock enemy unconscious, 1 inventory)
CON: 6
STR: 4
DEX: 8
CHA: 4
PER: 8
Inventory: (Splintered wood - +1 dmg, 1 inventory)



And I bravely sneak away back to the left room and peer into the secret passageway.

:joy::joy::joy: LowKee quietly shuts the door back closed and walks back over to the Office. He looks into the passage way and notices it seems to follow the same way as the hallway.

I’ll follow the passageway but I have a bad feeling it’ll lead to the right room.

Jessica looks at the secret passage way in amazement. She obviously didn't know about it before, but you can tell by her face, she's too scared to go in and see where it goes. You start walking down the passageway. It seems to turn and hug the hallway and the other rooms of the upstairs. As you walk down the first hallway, you notice a small peephole to your right. It's... it's the office room. You're pretty sure this is where that creepy painting with the creepy eyes was! As you continue down the hallway, you see other peepholes like this. One into the hallway. You turn down another long corridor. This seems to be the outside of the Lord's room. Finally, you reach a peephole for it. You see a large bed in the middle of the room. It looks like the Lord is in there. He's standing by the bedside, but you can't see past him at what he's standing next to. There are also 2 nightstands on either side of the bed. You can't really see near the front of the room however. It's too far out of your view. You continue walking along the secret pathway. There's nothing along the backwall. As you turn again, you notice another peephole though. And from this side, you can see what the Lord was standing next to. It looks like... a coffin? The top is pulled off slightly, but it's in your line of sight. You can't see what's in it. You continue on to find similar peepholes on the other side too into the hallway and Guest Room. Looks like the Guest Room also has a secret passage through the bookcase. Not very clever, huh?


Drop the Spintered wood, and take plates and a torch

Name: Cynthia
Lvl: 1
Equipped item: (Stone tile - +2 dmg 18+ hit roll = knock enemy unconscious, 1 inventory)
CON: 6
STR: 4
DEX: 8
CHA: 4
PER: 8
Inventory: 3 plates, torch

where would you like to go explore?


Hoh boy! You finally did it :smiley: I put up a new picture for the upstairs with the layout. This will take a while to write up probably cause it basically gives you sight on the rest of the upstairs xD
After I write it up though, I will be heading off, most likely for the rest of the night as a heads up! Sorry, it’s going to be quite a busy night (and weekend for that matter) for me. So i’ll still pop in where I can, but I will be slower than I was during the week to pop in for sure. Just want to give ya’ll a heads up :slight_smile:


I would go to the bathroom personnaly


You walk into the bathroom. There seems to be nothing in here. Just a porcelain throne. (already looted for it's 1 item)


I think I’ll dry myself, and then sit in the guest room to think about the events

You find a towel to dry yourself off with in the bathroom and with the towel wrapped around your hair you go over to one of the couches to sit down and think. Perception roll 15. You see an empty chest in the corner and a bookshelf as well. The kitchen is behind you and you can hear what sounds like faint footsteps echoing coming from the kitchen area. Sounds extremely far away though.


Fark, Where’s @Bruce0206 and his mad combat skillz when you need him.

I shall bang loudly on the back of the bookcase for the right room then run all the way back down the passageway, out the office, into the hallway and try to stealthily open the door to the right room in the hopes that everyone is investigating the bookcase.


Let’s examinate some chest, and then the bookshelf

GN everybody


Examine them chests, I like how you think!

Night @Malicewolf


I meant “the” :joy_cat:

I’m tired XD


Sorry gotta head out now. Will probably be gone rest of night. I can do some stuff tommorrow morning/early afternoon, but the daytime i’ll be away too. So, feel free to interact with each other! I’m bookmarking this area so I can come right back to it when I have the time to actually sit down and write things up :slight_smile: Feel free to banter away and such with one another in the meantime. Except for Bruce. He’s stuck in a to-be-epic battle hopefully :wink:


Here is Bruce with his mad combat skills.


Pada Examines Kitchen.


Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 1
Equipped Item : N/A
CON : 7
STR : 7
DEX : 5
CHA : 6
PER : 5
Inventory : N/A

Replying to Revres “Sure, I’d clear some monsters out, but I also would loot some items so I could defeat those monsters out. Sounds nice to you?”


“Hey, that is not a bad idea! I’ll do that. Anyways sure, we could be partners for today… Or even tomorrow.” I replied to the strange teen.


I’m about to be in an epic battle.


Do you want a weapon? There should be a stone sword somewhere in the dining room.