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Name: Cynthia
Lvl: 1
Equipped item: N/A
CON: 6
STR: 4
DEX: 8
CHA: 4
PER: 8
Inventory: N/A


Idk how often I could play, just to warn you ^^


Squeeze Jeeves throat tighter.

“Sorry Jeeves did I ask you for a bandage or did I tell you to patch her up?”

Push him in Jessica’s general direction.

Revres starts bandaging Jessica's leg with fear in his eyes. He looks to the other's in hopes they might step in. It doesn't seem like it though.
Revres: "There, she's all bandaged up. And her accusations are nothing but lunacy! Why in the world would I come back to this damned place if I knew it was like this! Now, would you please leave me alone, for the love of god!"

“Who did you say you where getting supplies for?”

Revres: "The lady of the castle! Lady Leiana. She fell ill a while ago and wasn't getting any better. I simply went out on an errand run to resupply some of the medicine stock. When I came back, it was like this, as I told you before you brute."

And “Leiana, the Lords wife, she bought in another man who became head Butler?”


Not a problem! Chime in when you’re here, and just have fun.

It's still pouring rain outside and dark out. A stone bridge lies ahead with statues lining it. A castle lies ahead, but it seems like the door is broken down. What would you like to do?


Let’s examine the statues

Perception roll 11. You take a closer look at the statues. You notice that all of them are holding stone swords except for one. The hands holding it seemed to have crumbled. Your guess is it fell off the bridge and into the abyss below. A lot of the statue's seem to have cracks in them, but none as bad as the one missing the sword. The bridge itself also looks a bit beaten up.


Look behind myslef ?

You look behind you and see a very steep stone pathway. In the rain, it looks quite slippery. Pretty sure only death awaits that way until this rain passes. The bridge is over an abyss. You assume water is somewhere below, but it is too far down to see.


Revres: "How did you... well, yes. She hired some snot nosed kid from her childhood it would seem. Even gave him my position, regardless of how unfit he was for the job." He looks obviously angry.


Sympathise with him. “You’re right Revres, that job should have been yours, you where clearly the man for the job, but what can you do when the other has the Lord’s Lady on his side”

Charisma roll 14. Pass.
Revres: Surprised. "It seems I may have misjudged you good sir." Some skepticism still lingers in his eyes. "I could forgive that little brat for taking my job. But when he took my love as well, I couldn't take it. I'm sure he coerced her with his new position."


Your love being Leiana?

Who is Jessica, how this she fit into all this?

Revres: "Leiana! God's no! She was a beauty without a doubt, but I would like to keep my head! I would never betray my Lord in such a way. My love was one of the other maids, Titiana. I treated her so well when I was the Head Butler, so there is no way she could have forgotten me! That's how I know that little weasel Thomas coerced her when he took my position. It's the only explanation! As for Jessica. She was just another maid. She was also a childhood friend of Leiana. She was supposed to be married off elsewhere, but whatever Leiana wants, Leiana got. The Lord had a weakness of saying no to her. Jessica was secretly seeing one of the Guards. If word got out, I'm sure the duke would demand her, or perhaps kill her. All of the staff in the castle knew of their meetings, but we simply turned a blind eye to it."

Slap Jessica to try and wake her up.

" Jeeves, what was wrong with Leiana?"

You slap Jessica and she blinks in surprise and slaps you back. "Will you cease all the touching! I swear, your hands have been all over me since I ran into you!"

Perception check roll 15

Revres: "Leiana..." you catch him quickly eye Jessica. "She was ill... for months actually. The Lord forbade anyone to even see her besides the doctors."

Ask out loud “Who is this Doctor and where did he come from?”

Revres: "Well, there were many doctors actually."
Jessica: "But you brought that one! The one who caused all of this! He did something to my... He did something to Leon."
Revres: "What?! I... I merely brought the Lord a doctor! Are you sure you saw him turn someone into these... things?"
Jessica: "Well... no. I fainted... But I saw him do something to Leon before I did. I know it. And he came into the room right after the Lord... stabbed Leon..."

I lean back on the table, listening.


check the bridge

Perception roll 19. You notice a lot of tiles on the stone bridge that you might be able to wedge out. Perhaps they could be used as a weapon or for something else. You also noticed a weird glint off the side of the bridge. Seemed like a weird distortion to the right of the bridge for just a second. Odd.


try to take a brick, then check the supposed distortion

Strength roll 19. You pull a stone tile out with ease.

Name: Cynthia
Lvl: 1
Equipped item: (Stone tile - +2 dmg 18+ hit roll = knock enemy unconscious, 1 inventory)
CON: 6
STR: 4
DEX: 8
CHA: 4
PER: 8
Inventory: N/A

You check the right side of the bridge and see nothing (Perception check 5).


continue the road then

You walk across the bridge to the front of the castle. The door has been broken down. You can see light inside and a few figures shadows to the right of it. What would you like to do?

Check if there’s anything around that I could take

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You look around, but see nothing that could be picked up. Nothing else seems to be around except for the shattered door on the ground in front of you. Looks like you might be able to pick up some of the splintered off pieces to use to stab something maybe?

Part of the reason I just answer within your edited post :wink: Also helps with things not getting to hectic to follow for both readers and us when multiple are here! -Malice


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take the the pieces then

You walk into the doorway and pick up a splintered piece of wood. Everyone in the Dining Room turn to see a random woman dripping wet and picking up a piece of the door with a stone tile in hand. She turns to see everyone staring at her. Everyone looks so serious. Awwwkkkwaaarrddd.

Name: Cynthia
Lvl: 1
Equipped item: (Stone tile - +2 dmg 18+ hit roll = knock enemy unconscious, 1 inventory)
CON: 6
STR: 4
DEX: 8
CHA: 4
PER: 8
Inventory: (Splintered wood - +1 dmg, 1 inventory)


tell a joke to lighten the atmosphere

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Cynthia suddenly jumps up and says, "Heeey, do any of you know how much a polar bear weighs?! No?! Enough to break the ice!!! Hi, I'm Cynthia!" and sticks her hand out for a handshake.


Cynthia suddenly jumps up and says, “Heeey, do any of you know how much a polar bear weighs?! No?! Enough to break the ice!!! Hi, I’m Cynthia!” and sticks her hand out for a handshake.

“Bad timing, these two where in the middle of a very important conversation, werent you Jessica, Revres. Come on, sit down or go explore but try not to die”.


Cynthia keeps her hand extended waiting for someone to give her a handshake. Can't break form.

Revres and Jessica regain their composure and continue their discussion.
Revres: "So the Lord killed Leon? But he was one of the best guards at the castle. Why would he..." Revres thoughts wander for a moment.
Jessica: "Ever since the Mistress fell ill, Lord Richard seemed like he was slowly losing his mind... poor soul. I would also go to any length for my love to make them better. But that day, he just simply looked like he had gone mad. Do you think that maybe... maybe lady Leiana had... died that day?"
Revres: Revres suddenly perks up. "That... that must be it! The lady probably had just passed and the lord went mad with grief. But it doesn't explain where these damned beasts have come from..."
Jessica: "I would bet that so called doctor did this. He seemed a shady one he did. And I still blame you for bringing him to this here castle. So don't go off thinking I've forgiven you."
Revres: A look of shock comes over his face. "I... I understand. I am sorry. I never thought such a thing as this would ever come to happen."
Jessica stands up and goes back to the Office Room. Revres stays in the Dining Room. There seems to be no more story to hear for now.


I’m tired now :upside_down_face:


Turns to Cynthia, “So there you have it, neither is really to blame, the Lord’s still alive and killing his own employees and there’s half dead monsters and a crazy doctor running around. You should really consider arming yourself”


@Malicewolf Great job though, saved me having to question them :stuck_out_tongue:

Tbh my first instinct was just to gut Jeeves, but thought I should hear him out.


Well, there’s surprises for everything! I’ll release my full written notes when the campaign is complete. You’ll probably get even more insight. I kinda went full blown overboard :sweat_smile: So hope it’s at least entertaining. And you should have gotten a lot of the backstory from that now. Though, not all of it :wink:

So now, what would you like to do next? :wink:


I guess I’ll search that globe I forgot all about.

You head upstairs back to the Office and examine the globe. Perception roll 10. You take a look around the globe a bit. Hmm, seems like a normal big globe covered in blood.

Clean the blood off and look again.

Roll 5 on perception after cleaning blood off globe. Still looks like a globe. hmmmm.

I think I checked everything else. I’ll grab a torch and head down the hallway to the right room and open the door, stealthily.

Stealth check roll natural 20. Hot damn you lucky dog. You walk quietly over to the other hallway and carefully peek the doorway open. You can see a decent sized bed in the middle of the room. There is a dresser to the right as well as a door. A bookshelf to the left. And 6 figures standing throughout the room. 4 of them are Half Dead Corpses. 1 looks similar to them, but a little different. It doesn't look quite as decayed and decrepit as the others. The last one is an armored knight.

Enemy list closest to furthest:
Enemy 1 - Half Dead Corpse: no weapon
Enemy 2 - Half Dead Corpse: Small hammer
Enemy 3 - Armored Knight: 2 handed Broad Sword
Enemy 4 - Half Dead Corpse: no weapon
Enemy 5 - Odd Corpse: Cross bow
Enemy 6 - Half Dead Corpse: Rapier