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That’s what she said to the butler.


Didn’t Revres go buy medicine?


Yeah for someone else I believe, another woman.


Poor Butler. So you’re talking about Revres?


To clarify, yes, LowKee was present when Jessica and Revres interacted before. Jessica blamed Revres for everything currently happening.

I’ll also try to write up all the NPC’s important info’s on the first post as well, but that might take a tad bit of time. More responses coming! Sorry, some curveballs have come up and i’ve been scambling to try to fit them :joy:


Can you suggest a new name for my character?




Also, @Malicewolf great job on the maps.


Get away from me you monster.


I guess the boss fight would be The Lord.


So explain the footsteps in basement?

You don't know anything yet about that. You just know something big was in the basement stairwell. Since you ran away, you don't know where it is now.


You see the lord’s room?


Yeah, I did think that too as there’s no other rooms leading from it, it’s locked and unbreakable.


Let’s not fight the boss just yet…


I saw we make @Padaruyos and @cyanine Fight the boss. Trial by fire.


A name that is actually better please…


Jessica: She ignores your first comment thinking you are just trying to get her to raise her skirt higher. "Ah. Yes, that fool Revres. He used to be the head butler. Then one day, the mistress had a new boy brought in. Supposedly a childhood friend. He quickly became the new head butler. When the lady fell ill, Revres brought some unknown doctor to the castle. I'm sure he was trying to gain favor with the Lord to regain his status as Head Butler. But that madman was here. He was here in this room when the Lord killed my... when he killed Leon. I'm sure he has something to do with this... nightmare!"


Can you please suggest a better name?

Why not just go with Bruce? Also, your character is still infront of the Guard House (and it's locked, it's raining outside, and you have 4 enemies outside with you that haven't noticed you :slight_smile:


I change my name to Bruce.
change made

Name: Bruce (In front of Guards house)
Lvl: 2 + 80xp
Equipped item: (Butcher’s knife: +3 dmg 18+ roll bone cleave, 1 inventory), (Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory), (Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 6
STR: 7
DEX: 8 (-5)
CHA: 7
PER: 7
Inventory: 4 Knives, 5 gold, 1 medicinal drug

I sneak back to the dining room.

You try to sneak back into the house undetected in your heavy suit of armor. It doesn't go so well this time though. You roll a 3 for stealth check.
As you attempt to sneak back to the kitchen, you start to slip in the muddy garden from all the rain. You catch yourself, but there was undoubtedly lots of noise associated with it. You look up and see the 2 Half Dead Corpses and the 2 Armored figures staring at you. They all start to move towards you. The 2 Half Dead Corpses are between you and the Kitchen door. The 2 Armored Figures are between you and the stable. The armored figures are about 2 turns away from you, but are moving very slowly. The 2 Corpses are are about 3 turns away from you.

Enemy 1 - Armored Figure: (Long Sword and Shield)
Enemy 2 - Armored Figure: (2 handed Halberd)
Enemy 3 - Corpse: (garden hoe)
Enemy 4 - Corpse: (small axe)


Name: LowKee (Upstairs Office)
Lvl: 2 (50xp)
Equipped item: (Short Spear: +2-3 attack (pending 1 handed or 2 handed), +1 reach, 1 inventory)
(Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory),
CON: 6
STR: 10
DEX: 7 (-4)
CHA: 6
PER: 6
Inventory: 10 gold, pocket watch, key, dagger

I say to Jessica “I think we’d better go have a word with this Butler”

I lead Jessica to find Jeeves.

Jessica refuses to go talk to Revres with you. "You can go talk to that imbecile on your own. I do not even want to see his stupid face. Plus, my leg is killing me. Do you have anything to wrap it by chance?" You notice she looks a little pale. She seems to have lost a lot of blood and been running on adrenaline up until now.

Yeah… I wasn’t actually asking. Grab that wench up onto my back and set off to find Jeeves, quickly before she bleeds all over my armour.

She screams and continues to bang your armor with the pan in her hand. If anyone was curious as to where you were, they aren't anymore. Hopefully this doesn't attract any unwanted attention. You make it downstairs to the dining room.

Jeeves, Jeeves! Quickly I need you to bandage this Wenches leg for me.

I sit her down on the table.

Revres: "You can BUY a bandage off me for her if you'd like. It'll cost 8 gold." He looks at Jessica with a look of disgust. "To accuse me of causing this... fiasco, the nerve."

Grab Jeeves by the throat. “Listen you overdressed turd, one of you is lying and I intend to figure out who and I can’t do that if she bleeds to death, can I?”


Intimidation roll 15. Success.
Revres: "Fine! Fine! Here, take the damned bandage you barbarian. I swear, these monsters running around the castle are more civil than you!" (You receive 1 bandage). Jessica has passed out.