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CyaKnight, First Person Mode (thinking :thinking:)

I see a presumable “teen” that doesn’t look even a bit familiar, nor do I have seen his kind of fashion, about a few feet away from me. I can see from his eyes that his examining me, and probably thinking why I have no weapons at all. (i have an armor, but gives no defense purely vanity, can we do that sirs???)

sigh, I left my weapons again did I? And yes, yes I did. Was going to take a bow and sword with me but yeah uhhh… Sure.

While I was at it, I examined him too. He seems to be wearing some kind of shirt with a few straps on with brown pants and boots. (usual archaeologist wears, and also assuming here hold’on) He has a pointy stick, that’s funny.


The Knight suddenly turns around and looks at me, is he examining me? Am i a nuisance to him? I hope not.

I’m gonna talk to him.

“Hey! what’s your name?”


CyaKnight, First Person Mode (thinking :thinking:)

The… Ahem, presumed-by-me “teen” , now has spoken to me.

I reply back, (imagine a british tone) “Hello sir, I am Sir Kuro Cyan, CyaKnight for short.”

Now, I absolutely do NOT recognize his accent, nor would I know where it is from. I’ll say somewhere in the fronts of one of our contained lands, which shouldn’t be possible because we have contained it very well.

“What objectives do you have here?” I question the lad.


“Hello sir, i am Mr. Pada, an Archaeologist from the land of xxxxx, i am lost in this place, can you tell me where i am and what date and time is now.” I replied to him.

I can clearly hear his British Accent, and his name, Sir Kuro Cyan, isn’t the “Sir” name for the Royal Knights? Maybe he is a Knight.


CyaKnight, First Person Mode (thinking :thinking:)

The presumed, yeah you know what I am going to say, has replied to my question.

From the tone in his voice when he said “I am lost in this place, can you tell me where I am and what date and time is now?”, seems to be conclusive evidence that he is not from here. Nor what he said where he came from is nowhere near close to wherever country or empire you hear about.

With a slightly puzzled mind, I replied “Oh yes sir, it would be the the year 1437, of Frīgedæg (friday) and 8:63 PM.”


Oh crap! year of 1437?! No way, it’s supposed to be 2017 now!

Is he joking, am I in a Halloween Costume Party? Am i dreaming or what? But based on all the stuff i’ve been through and see, no cities or modern buildings anywhere, no cellular networks or even emergency call signals anywhere (well at least i tried that before i threw away my phone) and most people i’ve seen is very not-modern. He might be right, it’s very likely that i have time-traveled. I knew it, i shouldn’t have touched that artifact.

I need to know more.

“Uh, sir, what are you doing in this place?”


I saw on Pada’s face (just gonna call him that, got tired of teen jokes) both confusion and shock.

I guess he is surprised that it’s Friday today? That doesn’t really matter.

Although he asked me something, in which I replied “Ahh yes sir. You see, my lady has sent me on a quest to find and take down a vampire living on a castle that can supposedly ‘move’. It is found to be a huge danger on humankind for it has already destroyed nature as it is today. Although I lost my map, and found a nearby castle, so I just guessed that this would be it. In reality, it is not, but I am surely glad to find some regulars souls in here. (means people)”


Vampires? Never thought those were real. But whatever that is, it might be related to the space-time distortion i’ve been through.

I wish i could’ve helped him to find his map, maybe i can use my GPS. Oh wait, it won’t work, there are no sattelites in the year of 1437, and i’m really sure people is still thinking that the Earth is flat in this time and age.

I hope his meaning of “regular souls” is regular people.

"Vampire? I don’t see any monsters or undeads around here sir, but i do hear some other people roaming around here, other knights maybe? Are they your friends sir?


“Ahh well, my lady has a terrible fear of Vampires since when she was a child, and would do anything just to get rid of one. To be honest, we have already caught 18 people, and all 18 were not guilty, just accusations by the general public because they all are doctors. And no, I have not been in this place yet nor do my friends, and I am the only one sent for this quest kind sir.” I replied to him.

(whispering)“Honestly, I would just wrap all this up and go home but, it’s an unexplored castle at the moment for us two, who knows what would be in here?”


watches with popcorn


I see CyaKnight is on an important Quest, i might as well help him along the way, maybe i can find a clue for a way to go back home.

Besides, my modern knowledge of Science might help us along the way, i just hope this doesn’t change the history when i returned to the modern age.

I also hear someone eating, smells like popcorn, but i’m sure it isn’t popcorn, i mean, who the hell makes popcorn at this time and age.

“Anyway, why don’t we explore this place together, we might find something interesting. We might as well meet other people that are also exxploring this castle and find out what they’re up to, who knows, they might know something about the Vampire you’re looking for.” I gave the Knight an advice.


err, give me a bit folks. A lot seems to have happened while i was asleep. Need to read through everything and adjust as needed and i haven’t had my coffee yet :sweat_smile: Give me an hour or so to get situated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m gonna change my name to something else! I’m sick of people thinking I’m a real Moose!


I see the butler is refusing to sell me stuff, pfft, like I need anything from him anyway.


I already bought a Medicinal Drug from him lol.


Do you want my heavy armour and helmet?


Ask Jessica to lift her skirt up higher to check if the bite has spread. Then ask her what she meant by

“You! You killed everyone with your stupid ambition! Just to impress her! My husband died in front of me because of you!”


Who are you talking to?



To @Malicewolf its what she said to Jeeves earlier, I wanna know what she meant and figure this thing out.


I meant the second paragraph.