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I ask Revres why the heck are there monsters here.


Revres: "I have no clue good sir! I went out to buy our Mistress some medicines and when I had come back to the Castle, it was overrun with these... things!"


I ask Revres if he has anything to sell.


Revres: Well, yes, I do infact. I had come back to the castle with some medicines as I had said. I still have some of them on me and wouldn't mind parting with them for a bit of gold.

Small Medicine x5: +2hp (up to max) - 3 gold per
Steroid’s x2: +3 STR and DEX for 3 turns - 8 gold per
Bandages x3: +3hp (up to max) - 5 gold per
Medicinal drugs x2: +5hp for 2 turns (temporary over max) - 10 gold per


I’ll purchase the Medicinal Drugs for 10 gold.


Sorry, it’s per. You can only buy 1. I wasn’t paying attention :sweat:

Name: Moose
Lvl: 2 + 80xp
Equipped item: (Butcher’s knife: +3 dmg 18+ roll bone cleave, 1 inventory), (Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory), (Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 6
STR: 7
DEX: 8 (-5)
CHA: 7
PER: 7
Inventory: 4 Knives, 5 gold, 1 medicinal drug (+5hp for 2 turns).


I was expecting that lol.


How much xp do I need to level up?


Still 100. It’ll be 100 to level up until level 5. Then it’ll be 200. And it’ll continue to increase from there


I sneak to the guards house.


Moose walks at a snails pace trying to keep quiet in his heavy suit of armor. Rolls 19 stealth check... Somehow, he does it. He makes it through the Guest Area and the Kitchen without making much noise. Moose slides open the glass door to enter into the Garden where he sneaks past 2 Half Dead Corpses and 2 Armored Suits and reaches the Guards House. The door is locked...

As a heads up, I’ve made a makeshift map of what you all have explored so far and what you know so far. It is posted on the 1st post and you can use it as a reference guide! I do apologize if you were paying SUPER close attention to the Office Room though. I miswrote and didn’t notice until I was drawing out the map! (I had the secret passage going out into nowhere by accident). I fixed it on the drawing though for what it should have been (I just got mixed up on my description, my b). Overall, it should have very little effect on anything :slight_smile:


Pada wokes up, the fire’s dead, and there’s no one around me.

“Hmm, the Butler must’ve gone to other place, making breakfast maybe?”

Pada spotted a sharpened stick next to him, it’s not that much different from a regular stick, but the point is sharpened.


:heart: Yes

Looks like this stick deals more damage per hit than a regular stick or even the toy knife for that matter, but it doesn’t look as scary as the Toy Knife. Which is crucial for him, because he knew there will be a lot of monsters around and he want to avoid as much conflict as possible.

Keep item?

:heart: Yes


It’s a mystery where the stick came from. :wink:


Pada looks around in the dining room, there’s no fire in the fireplace, but after closer examination, it seems that the fire has been put out using water, leaving some Charcoal in the fireplace.

You found Charcoal
Keep it?

:heart: No

Pada stands up and starts to walk around, he have to find a butler and ask him what the hell is going on.


I ask Pada if he is trying to do a “Pacifist Run”.


When Pada walks around the main entrance, he spotted a big talking moose asking me.
“Are you trying to be a Pacifist?”

He answered: “Perhaps, i’m trying to avoid as much conflict as possible, why? Because i’m not experienced with battles AT ALL, i’m just a lost Archaeologist trapped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but my Diary and a Sharpened Stick.”

“But if i’m stuck in a battle, i’m okay with battling monsters.”

Name: Pada
Lvl: 1 (EXP 0)
Equipped item: (Wooden Stake - +1 attack, 1 inventory)
CON: 9
STR: 6
DEX: 5
CHA: 5
PER: 5
Inventory: Diary, Toy Knife


I’m a human, my NAME is Moose!


@Malicewolf I ask Jessica wtf is going on.

Jessica: "I don't know myself. I was in the office with... a guardsman and the door crashed open and those... things were killing one of the other knights. One of them jump me and took a bite out of my leg!" She lifts her skirt a bit and you see a large bite mark in her calf. "Leon threw the beast out the window and then threw me into the cabinet for safety. I saw him through the crack though. He beat all of those monsters. Not even a scratch on him. Then... then the Lord came into the room. He said Leon did a good job..." Jessica starts crying again. "Then he stabbed him in the neck and killed him! I saw the new doctor the Lord hired walk in right after, but then I think I fainted. I woke up when you opened the cabinet door."


Name : CyaKnight
Lvl : 1
Equipped Item : N/A
CON : 7
STR : 7
DEX : 5
CHA : 6
PER : 5
Inventory : N/A

Talking to the Butler “Hello sir, and what barbarians? People were here before?”

Revres: "You all seem like barbarians to me. You may be clearing the monsters out, for which I am grateful, but I can also see you LOOTING my lord's castle as well." He eye's all of you with a stern look. "However, I would be stupid to try to stop the one's actually killing these foul fiends. Least not if I value my own life." -DM Malice


Pada, First Person Mode

Suddenly, i saw a knight next to me. Well, at least his name says so, but to my eyes, he doesn’t look like a Knight at all, he’s totally unarmed, no Armors, no Weapons, no nothing. But i totally knew he was a knight, there’s something about him, (his charisma maybe?) that made me think that he’s a Knight, but is he actually a Knight? Did he ever fight with monsters and undeads? Can he teach me how to fight? Should i do a “Pacifist Run” like Moose says? I don’t know, maybe i should stick around him and learn.