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I look for coins for spending.


There is the upstairs room to the right (The Guest Room). The Kitchen with 2 new enemies and potentially a large 3rd. The basement remains unexplored (but the kitchen enemies are in the way unless you sneak past). The upstairs room to the left (The Office) with a few unexplored things and the secret passage way. There is the backyard area (which has a stable, guards house, and garden). And in front of the castle.


I sneak to the guards house.


You attempt to sneak through the kitchen to the outside garden to get to the guardhouse. Stealth roll 7. You noisily clang all the way to the kitchen in your heavy armor where 2 Half Dead Corpses are standing about 3 turns away. They are already running towards you.


I throw a knife at the nearest one.


You roll a 9 to hit. Enemy 1 is running towards you when you hit it in the arm with a knife for 1dmg. Enemy 1 and 2 are now 2 turns away


I throw a knife at the same one.


Name: Moose
Lvl: 2 + 20xp
Equipped item: (Butcher’s knife: +3 dmg 18+ roll bone cleave, 1 inventory), (Heavy Armor: -2 body dmg, -4 DEX, 0 inventory), (Armor Facemask: prevents crit dmg, -1 DEX, 0 inventory)
CON: 6
STR: 7
DEX: 8 (-5)
CHA: 7
PER: 7
Inventory: 4 Knives

Knife 1-8 is a miss, 9-15 is 1 dmg, 16+ is 2.

Roll 13. Enemy 1 is hit again for 1dmg. Enemy 1 and 2 are now 1 turn away


I slash at one of the enemies with my butcher knife.


You roll a 14 to hit. Enemy 1 dodges with a 19. Enemy 1 attacks you with an attack roll of 9. Enemy 2 attacks you with an attack roll of 11. How would you like to block/dodge/parry?


I do the horizontal slash thing.


You rolled a 6. Your attempt failed and both of them slash at you with their claws. Enemy 1 lands 1 dmg. No damage to you due to armor. Enemy 2 lands 1 dmg. Still no damage to you due to armor. Noticing you didn’t even flinch upon being attacked, Enemy 1 takes a step back and grabs one of the hanging pans in the kitchen.`


I attempt to separate the corpse with the pan’s arm that is holding the pan with my butcher.


Daayyummm. You rolled a natural 20. Not only did you separate the arm off, you cleanly cut the Corpse in half from the right shoulder down. He ded. He so ded.

Enemy 2 launches another attack on you with it's claws. Rolled 18 to hit. But it is too weak to do any damage to you.


I slice the other corpse with my butcher.


You roll a 7 to hit. enemy 2 rolls a 3 to dodge. Enemy 2 is dead no matter what. Buut, just so you know how lucky you are on the damage rolls.... you got a 4 for damage +1 bonus + 3 weapon dmg. You sliced him up like butter. (you gain 60xp)


Is there any coins around?


:joy:You search the dead corpses for any items. You find 15 gold between the 2 of them.


I go back to the safe room.


What would you like to do in the safe room (btw, i dunno why you all keep calling it that :joy: it’s not necessarily ‘safe’. Just where an NPC is and basically a permanent light source).