Malek the Great of Brazilia


Hey guys, I used to be leader of VVV and part of several winning alliances. I lost touch with all older players. If Alexander or Gaurav or anyone who was in my alliances is here pls get in touch, looking to start a new major era next after new year


@Alexander @Gaurav your friend has returned.


Malek the Great? Doesn’t ring a bell…what other igns or Skype name did you go by?


Hey man, im pretty sure we were teammates on several servers unless my memory deceives me. Forgot which alliances I was in, but I was leader of VVV with Alexandre and Simen. My skype was just my name (malek).


Malek who now?

Joking, nice to see you buddy. I remember you.

Simen isn’t around much, but a few people from back then are. Should show up on Earth 1, I bet you’ll be able to find some!


Rings a slight bell but I don’t think we ever played together in the same alliance as Alex and Simen. Possible we were allies?


Malek, that rings a bell to me. Always nice to see another old player return.


Haha Alex! don’t be mean now! add me on skype malek.khanafer . need to catch up on old times!


Ah probably! Are u still playing or mainly moderating?


Hey man!! Yes I def remember you!1 We had some good times! just added u on skype!


Sup man :slight_smile: glad to see you return.
You were in Virus (=V=) with me at some point


Malicewolf how can i ever forget!!

great times at =V=!!! gotta get the gang back together. sent u a msg with my skype id.