Making the most of your gold and item chances

Since the new update, there has been a “hidden” change to the drop percentages of regular item boxes and their quality of items obtained from it (i.e. common, rare, epic).

The following calculations are purely speculation and are not meant to be an official means of explaining the works of the TS gacha game system.

The drop percentages of both before (marked by “bef”) and after (marked by “aft”) are also speculation based on observational data collected by my own buying and recording of item qualities in the boxes at the maximum level (150).

I used a points system to describe the “power level” of common, rare, and epic items. Since about 4 commons are around the same power level of feeding to about 1 rare, rare items are worth 4 times the amount of common ones. Epics are around 2 times more “powerful” when feeding than rares, so epics are 8 (4 x 2) times better than commons in terms of feeding power.
common = 1pt
rare = 4pts
epic = 8pts

Given the chances at max lvl:
commonbef = 30%
rarebef = 60%
epicbef = 10%

commonaft = 60%
rareaft = 35%
epicaft = 5%

Buying 2 boxes before update will net you 21pts.
Buying 2 boxes after update will net you 14.4pts.
Buying 5 boxes before update will net you 52.5pts.
Buying 5 boxes after update will net you 36pts.
Buying 10 boxes before update will net you 105pts.
Buying 10 boxes after update will net you 72pts.
Buying 50 boxes before update will net you 525pts.
Buying 50 boxes after update will net you 360pts.
Buying 100 boxes before update will net you 1050pts.
Buying 100 boxes after update will net you 720pts.

Numbers in parentheses below this text show the amount of gold needed.

Buying 10bef ~ 14aft (79k vs. 91k)
Buying 11bef~ 15aft (92.4k vs. 97.5k)
Buying 12bef ~ 17aft (106.8k vs. 110.5k)
Buying 13bef ~ 19aft (122.2k vs. 123.5k)**
Buying 14bef ~ 20aft (138.6k vs. 130k)**
Buying 15bef ~ 22aft (156k vs. 143k)
Buying 17bef ~ 25aft (193.8k vs. 162.5k)
Buying 20bef ~ 30aft (258k vs. 195k)
Buying 50bef ~ 72aft (1.395mil vs. 468k)
Buying 100bef ~ 150aft (5.29mil vs. 975k)
So what’s the minimum amount of boxes you should at least buy every day after the update?

Well, 19 - 20 boxes are ideal to get the same financial-to-quality investment, but buying after 20 will only increase your efficiency (exponentially) but will waste your real-life time, so take that into consideration.
EDIT: Because there are no time constraints on boxes being bought after the update, most of this is moot, but if you’re one to keep track on how many boxes you buy each day, then this guide might help.

Also a few wording errors fixed, and some conjectures may have been changed since I thought about it a bit more and realized I misinterpreted the data.

Feel free to offer criticism and/or point out any errors if necessary and I’ll try to correct them.


What does these two ** mean?

The asterisks show the switch point between the amount of gold needed before and after the update, with one needing more than the other. In short, this marks the minimum amount of boxes you should buy each day to get “even” with the “before-update” before you see any benefits.

But as you buy more and more than 20, you’ll just be wasting more time opening so many boxes to get the same return investment as before the update, but it will cost much less per day. So there is a benefit vs. real-life time constraint being played here.

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