Making another account


Hi folks, i’ve been thinking lately in making another account on SM, because with my first i spend many precious tokens in some stupid things… So, is it worth to make a second acount? can i keep my original too? My rng in this one is a bit messed up, maybe in another one migh be better? Accepting suggestions…


Why would you make second one?
You will get tokens later on the raids.


Just thinking about all the tokens from first campaign that i wasted on useless things… just that :pensive:


…i obviosly won’t reccomend you to do that.
Just continue your account.


Okay, gonna accept your advice, always welcome @The_Yo_Yo_Man :slight_smile:




You can make as many that you want. Your choice. I was thinking about that. Yet, too much work now. The old Supermechs, it was easy to have 10 accounts. Now it’s tooo much work to have one.


Gonna keep focus on this one then :slight_smile:


Tell us if you find anything new