Making a weekly and monthly reward


so… is a maxed out golem torso good?


No…you should use a torso that goes up to mythical


I never get a legendary from daily rewards


ok cause youtubers youse maxed out golem torsos but i have a brutaliy torso an zachares torso and a avenger torso


Do you mean Dwightx?


hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha I never got a golem BTW

ya mean Dwightx?


i think this topic is dead


its already added as raids but without bb


maybe close to 66% to get legendary. got 1 redeemer epic and 2 legendary nightfalls and 1 epic module and supreme cannon legendary from 5 these “21st day box”. 6th is after few days… so EXCITING…


You were right…
Until you replied.
Please let dead topics rest in peace.
It’s not really anything special reviving them,but it’s hella annoying!


he is not reviving the topic, he is only late with his comment…:rofl:


You know the saying ‘better late than never’? Well, I think this topic disproves it for good.

Please forgive me for posting in this thread again :grimacing:


May this topic rest in peace


I still think this should be added into the game, it is a good idea, i know we have raid and dayly reward but still, what do you do when you have dont everything you can and have nothing to do in the game?, also it has been 7 months since the last reply, I HAVE REVIVED THIS TOPIC!


There’s a thing called having a life. :wink:






All jokes aside, you can do Arena?


Yea, for 50/50 reward and low money, for me as a rank 5 winning is 3k gold and losing is 800gold


Winning first 5 is like 10k though. Just do 5 a day, premium rewards through ad watching if you can, and you’re set.




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