Making a weekly and monthly reward


Hi I’m DDARK515K and i think there should be more rewards like the dayly reward


in the dayly reward there are 5 things you can do to get rewards but what im thinking is in the weekly reward have 25 things you have to do and in the monthly reward have 100 things you have to do i will list my iders for the weekly and monthly rewards down bellow and fell free to ad your own iders


Current weekly reward:League box and Raid.
Current monthly reward:1 premium box after every 1 month of playing.

Well,the idea could be polished a little but it ain’t a half bad concept!
Like…More quests that can also go with the rest of the weekly/monthly rewards that would further motivate us to be active,keep playing and consuming time (for TS to make more money out of us).It a win-win for both us the players and the TS company.
But those would be some side quests.Like the achievements but weekly/monthly.
Example:Use this weapon 100 times in pvp/campaign for a small reward


i like the idea
you will have to revise some things though


for the weekly missons have it so you have to bet all 7 bosses (beating each boss gives 5 sm tokens) and other missions give 2,500 sm coins to 10,000 sm coins


For monthly missions (betting all bosses again cause its great fun) having instead of having bost with 15 items having 15,25,50,75,100 instead of having complete 3 campaign missions having 3,10,25,50,75
instead of having obtain 20 itams have 20,40,60,80,100 for arena battles 3,10,20,35,50 and other ones people mite add


for compleating all weekly and monthly missions getting 75 for the weekly and 300 for monthly


btw the 75 and 300 are SM Tokens


thx dark warreor
for liking the ider


so all of you are still on?


douse anyone have any iders for any more missions


I am just one every once and a will and happened to be on when you were posting


oh cool it suck that people have to wright long things to talk


Btw this is not a chat box, you can type all your ideas in a single post. … but I don’t think more reward will be added, it’s Justt not the way TS thinks…


There are daily rewards.

There are leagues

there are raids


so with the 21st day reward is it a ledgendery 100%


We already have it, its called Daily Rewards. : - )


no it isn’t but you are guaranteed one legend through daily rewards


really ? I’m not sure at all about that sentence ^^