Make water outposts?

I had an idea, and it may or may not be good considering I am new to the game.
I am thinking maybe, for a more expensive price, you should be able to build moveable outposts on the water, kinda like giant submarines. They are the same size and purpose as a regular outpost, but instead you can move them silently underwater from place to place (although slowly.) Once they are done moving they would emerge from the water and be a regular water outpost again.
Also moving them place to place would also cost resources

EDIT: Just thought of a bit of a change. Perhaps if they are hit by a missile, they sink forever and a new one must be built? That way they aren’t unstoppable

  • Good idea
  • Terrible idea
  • There are some things I would like to change (reply below)

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Interesting concept, something like this would help out teams stalling with relics in the middle of the ocean for earth eras which is a bonus. However it would nullify most choke points in earth as you can just fly in from where ever you wanted to.
Also it’s pretty irrelevant for all eras aside from earth


i honestly don’t care

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What a productive, helpful,nice reply

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you have relics
… as water… moving…outposts



But yeah i’d like more than 10 relics for an era just to make things interesting

just a suggestion
i think it was implemented before? not sure why it was discontinued.

But i agree with this

it will destroy the camp wall strategy which is a good defensive strategy and the game already has lot of advantages for offense , dont need another.

THIS SHOULD NOT BE IMPLEMENTED, wait no one cares. BD Is dead anyway.

no cause it removes the point choke points on earth.

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basically there is inf vehicle , and tank how about create another army like stealth one. you cant see him moving when there is no radar in that area or the radar was jammed in that area. Well you can see him by putting satellite scan(SS) in the area where he is moving as long as he is covered inside by the SS range.

How about create airplane type new unit pleas yes instead of walking on land like tank and inf do airplane fly haha just like real live airplanes in real live alexander ples add airplanes so we can go over water

I suggest making a new suggestions topic. Always best to get opinions of your idea in your own topic, rather than bounce it in another persons.

As for the original suggestion, it’s not a bad idea really. However, what we must always think about is abuses. Because everyone loves to abuse things. As most already said, this eliminates choke points to a point. Especially if you can create an unlimited amount (even if more costly). Part of what makes Earth so special is it’s choke points throughout the map which can really help limit people from accessing areas. With this, it would destroy a lot of people’s strategies.

What may work however is putting both a limit of 1 per player AND a very high resource cost to make (perhaps something like 2500 metal, 1000 oil, or if we want really steep, 5000 metal, 2500 oil). And as you stated, making it sinkable via nukes would add a strategic value to it. Especially if you actually make it so it’s truly ‘sinkable’ and any units on it when hit by nuke would additionally kill all units there too. This would prevent people from stacking units in the sea as the risk could easily be catastrophic. This would help with some issues of camp walling (which can truly be a pain to play against), but not completely break it as you have a way to thwart the counter as well (nuking the water OP). So it could be just as dangerous for an enemy to use the OP to enter your territory and not have an easy retreat incase they mess up.

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