Make The Game FUN


there is a huge Gap between old and new players :confused: like the tons of items they got playing the old game … and now they got the adventages of that …
the uograade system is so hard … to upgrade leg --> myth u need 5 more legends !!
make a farming coin system too lol cause the cost of upgrading is so high
so just make the game FUN


Make Supermechs great again…

Wait, was it ever great?


That depends on people always going to see people say that the game is great and others that do not but most of the time those who say “Was it ever great?” are the ones that got bored with this game


It was, before…
And in a sense, it is now…
But I don’t feel them comparable since I haave the feel that it’s 2 separated games…


It was good but not great


It was great 5 years ago. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t know I am a new player :slight_smile:


Well, atleast they had shops where you can specifically purchase items that you want.


did this game even exist back then?


Yes, with a different team behind it.

A much better one.

Gotta admit that their updates weren’t exactly stellar, but at least they were willing to listen to the players, and assist them if there’s any problems. :slight_smile:


your not talking about battle mechs are you?


Nope, I don’t consider BattleMechs to be part of SuperMechs.


I started playing since 2014 but i’ve abandoned my old account now so i made a new one for reloaded update :slight_smile:


Lol people still discussing about it.


I play this game for 5 years…Well im one old player


It isn’t really like that. In the early stages of reloaded many veteran players are stuck with all those items from before. The legacy converter wasn’t helpful too and the ammount of gold they needed to fuse away all those items where HUGE. I can remember that i had around 2000 items. I took me 3 months to get rid of them.


lol I miss the push-n-pull era


noobs who just joined the game crying to see pros


pros = old players -_- so yeah we’r crying


pros = bank account lmao