Make the bot a little smarter. C:

For those who like the farm, the bot has helped many. Simply the bot is great you can do some things while the mission completes. But since everything good does not last, here come their cons.

  1. Why are you going to the easiest to beat?
    Some like to do this, but the mission is much easier if you beat the boss first, reconfigure that would be incredible.

  2. Why do you have to give him pause?
    It almost always happens to me that I have to be aware of the bot because it uses the boost at one time. When I try to leave them for later or use them when I am about to die. ._.
    Please bot, that is not done I wish I could punish you by downloading a Hysteria idk. >:v

  3. He must learn to use the weapons a little better.
    In addition, he does not like to use the Stomp until he has no other, uses weapons that do not have much power, or those that should not be used yet (in the case of an electric) and worse if it has uses. For example. I have a Hysteria lvl max and a Grim Raptor lvl 1, the bot prefers to use the Grim Raptor and turn on the drone. ._.

I hope you liked it. <3
Att-The one who knows the most about dubstep <3

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bad that you can not program the way you want the mech aga

just dont be lazy and use the x2 speed button only, if u gonna complain about bot being less smarter what r u lefting it do what u could make better?
if ur bussy dont complain about just farm an easier boss if ur mech cant handdle it

I’ve noticed it too, but its fairly easy to get around it. For example, I always remove my repulsor before I do campaign farming - its not necessary and the AI just uses it to prolong battles. So, in your example, remove your grim raptor and/or any other crap weapons when you farm.

And, of course, choose missions you can easily beat. Because AI will never be as smart as you… until Terminator that is.

grim raptor?
such interesting name! teeheehee u gave me an idea

Sorry for the l8 reply.Just found out about this thread (As I have to post at least once in every single one;you probably got used to me by now :slight_smile: )
Seriously.I have 2 Annihilations (yeah,I dual wield :stuck_out_tongue: ),one of which is a max fused mythical and the other one’s a max fused legendary.Every time I get in range,guess what…It never shoots the myth one first unless the other legendary annihilation runs outta uses…Cool,huh?