Make Super Mechs great again


I just want you, Tacticsoft, to make this game like how it was before, i mean like this : 500px-Top_Weapons


Dislike: :poop:

BTW, I just noticed they added Mordulec emojis: :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: The last one looks just like me!


This picture is sooo old


tracing a store by tokens would make the game more unjust than it already is, and to those who are top it would be difficult for them to go down because they would have what they want to be solid strategies, and not only they all invest in money and what they would start to invest for this, also remember that some things do not come out in boxes … simply not …


There are some things that you can buy them with coins


… I prefer that everything is random to see a guy with 2 shotgun max mitic 3000 hp and resistance to everything to 50 … better saves us discomfort


No,thank you.



Nope. Random boxes aren’t great, but guaranteed token costs aren’t better.


Battle credits again? PLEASE NO


I would like them to bring back the shop as well, but I don’t think they will do it.


same here, I miss the old shop