Make Rotating Mechs on Home screen or Workshop

It’s getting irritating going from work shop to arena to rotate my mechs. I only have two mechs. I rotate my mechs for different task. I have my main mech and my weak. My main mech is usually the in first spot. Than I have my weak mech in the 2nd spot. I don’t use it much, only for testing or second campaign. If I rotate them on the main home screen, with my main mech in spot one and weak mech spot two, rotating my weak mech into spot one, my main mech then goes to spot 6. I have to switch to arena screen just to change there spots than go to campaign. I tried to think of every aspect before posting this.

I put my weak mech in spot 1 and main in spot 2, for campaign 2. When use only main mech in arena I rotate on main screen making my main mech in spot 1, yet weak goes to spot three. If I go to work shop my weak is in spot 3, and main in 1. I switch over to blank spot 2. It’s irritating of messing with the mechs spot by just going to the arena.

Please make in the way it was. This changing position spot was originally in the work shop.

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Quick tip: In the pre-fight robot choosing screen, whichever you click on first will go first in battle. Thus, their is no need for anything else

No it doesn’t. It goes in No. 2. They all shuffle around. e.g. No. 1 goes to No. 2, No. 2 goes to No. 3, No. 3 goes to No. 1 or vice versa