Make players have bases like in campaign and also add back paint ;-;


I has a suggestion if u’d like to hear it (read it) U should make that other players can build they’re own base and can get chests for troops and upgrade them too and u can put ur main bot in there too. (The bases like meant to be the campaign stuff) oh and u can expand it by buying the land for it :stuck_out_tongue: I just like da suggestion (I put this in YouTube but I wanna put it here too) :facepunch:t3:


Stop with the colors pls. <3


Just give me my cute purple colour and u can have my tokens and my op acc .


I actually posted something similar like this in the old forum. It’s too much though.


I hope color kits will be added in economy update
Bases … Um Nothing to say


lol I guess they removed it so people couldn’t disguise their items’ upgrade levels


No, they removed it by ‘accident’. And yes, people use color kits to style their mechs and not make their mechs look kinda ridiculous thanks to the automated fusion level colors.


Bases are not good idea i think, if you wanna farming, go play clash of clans


more metallic colours should be there; mechs shouldn’t look cartoony


True, and i will tell him what i told you, it’s not a tower defense game.