Make most used topic by players pinned in forum


Hi guys, i was here thinking, some players normally make some topics without really look if there is one version of it already made, so what about if we asked Sarah to pinned these main topics like build help, finally mythed, what shoul i myth next and such at the upper part of each section? so players would find those topics more easily…


i mean there are some topics that are already pinned but that forum function doesnt really work

they gotta fix it


Really? didn’t see any of the ones i mentioned though…


well one of them is the max myth list

and u hav to pin it down urself and find it in the appropriate subtopic to access it, so its just another thing that kinda gets to me


It does work.
But you have to go into one of the categories for it to be seen.
For example go into “general discussions” and there you will see the myth max level items thread pinned to the top.
The pinning only works within the categories themselves.
In the total forum overview the threads shown there are meant to show the latest activity and as such pinning topics for popularity is not fitting that because “most popular” does not equal “last time actively replied to” but is more like “best reference and archive to get information from”.


As Cloud said, it works, but i think some more topics useful should really be pinned too…


ye but its just inconsistent on how pinning works with any other forum ive been in. i guess its just how this forum works.

usually forum staff does the pinning so everyone can see regardless of activity. its not a big deal tho.


imo those topics should be on the top of the category, and not buried in the midst of other topics…


Thats exactly what i wanted to do…


yes. perfect. we need this.