Make M2 Solo Era :D

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because i think only one tickers should be solo

i hope u have a reasonable explaination to back that up

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because you have to be so active in solo

give people with lives a chance!

1tick is too slow for a solo world as more often than not u dont end with all the 10 relics
which means playing out till tick 2500 or whatever the admin sets as the limit

it would stretch out the era for ages that way :expressionless:



but the people with rl things to do could contend

It wont be SOLO :joy:

“Make M2 Solo Era so Sasuke can bring 20 people to each era and dominate it bc he wants to get a BoAT on his new account”

I’m onto you m8


umm this era even if i hit 900 power i can kick milo out of #2

idc for another boat :stuck_out_tongue:
moreover i wont be playing next era anyways :smiley:

It won’t happen. But perhaps can open a world for mars to have a solo option. Tick speed wise, we could change things up. E5 is a 1 ticker already. Those who want to do a slower solo round can go there (as I’d prefer Earth for it’s better defendable areas anyways). Mars is smaller, so a faster tick might make it better as I feel it’s significantly easier to conquer the world on mars. There’s really no where to hide there.


that would be awesome :smiley:

thanks :slight_smile:

It’s 2 tickers. :upside_down:


All T members voting yes
Lol ur not everyone :slight_smile: