Make Items Have A Larger Rarity Range

Yeah, I didn’t know how to phrase it in the title.

So my idea is that maybe items that are only L-M should be expanded to epic, or even rare. For example, take Zarkares. Every heat user loves Zark (I think). It’s great stats allow to be one of the best heat torsos. Now imagine if all the newbies could get access to a rare version of that. They could start learning how to use strategy in their builds. This is already implemented in Corrupt Light for example (there’s a rare version).

So instead of a drop rate buff (which I think we need anyways), we could have this system in which rarer items will drop more because of them having a lower rarity. This is also beneficial for pros, if they need a…idk…Flaming Scope, they could find it at rare and boost it to Legendary or Mythical or whatever they need.

This process can also be turned around to make “noob items” be able to go to E-L-M. Like Royal Launcher (wait nvm we have Supreme Launcher), or Crazed Repeater, or Scalpel.

Anyways, leave feedback guys, tell me the flaws in the idea, If it just sucks, don’t be afraid to say so.


Make Items Have a Larger Rarity Range


I am a physical guy and I am using zakares for my physical build and I am loving it. So not only heat boi.

You saying this because you want zakares?
First off. This will make it so that almost no one would use any other torso. So I think it is as fine as it is.
If they made it start at rare, they would have to change the core stats of zakares.
So I say no to this.

Yeah first off. No.
Finding it at rare for flaming scope? No. Leave it as it is. It is the same thing as I said for zakares.


Yeah, I just needed an example so I pulled a couple of item names off the top of my head.

And I already have Zark so…

I just wonder if there are any items that would be useful at lower rarities. It could be useful since the drop rates are crappy already (and idk if they’ll ever change those).

Probably heat bomb.

I would say EMP also but…meh.

Heat Bomb I’m fine for Rare, but not EMP, besty over there will rage like a dumped girlfriend over there.

Also NO Flaming Scope as Rare or Epic, that’s too strong.

If it is implemented here is the damage I think it will do.

Rare - 150 - 200 damage
Epic - 200 - 300 damage
and so on.

Na na na na na don’t implement that.

Won’t happen

insert drawing of common windigo here :thinking:

39 AM
Its so tiny and cuuuuuute

Common Windigo is just too tiny, also doesn’t Epic Windigo look plain already? So we don’t need a broken plain Windigo .-.

You do know that was a joke right?

Also common windigo would destroy the beginner ranks.


Its not good

Rarities have rarities for a reason- so some items are better than others.
This also keeps newbies from getting access to op items too early



Add Epic to the transform range of Platinum Plating and the Protector modules, these items shouldn’t be behind a paywall

there’s a reason why some weapons are L-M and that’s because they are really strong, for example Valiant sniper, if you were able to find it since rare (or even common) then this weapon would take over the top weaponry of energy mechs leaving no variety since everyone will be like “oh this is way better than… hysteria or other top weapons”

also this make’s the game a bit more less predictable so it’ll keep it somewhat entertaining, you’ll want to farm for this kind of items

it’d be too op if you could find the claw or other L-Ms since rare or epic

it’s a way to balance the stats

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this idea is like assisted suicide to ts

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