Make it that every year the campaign resets


i think its a good idear to reset the campain every now and then so players have more ways to earn tokens and maybe also make it that the achevments also reset. dont forget to subscribe to ddark515k on youtube


Good job suggesting people to abuse a bug.


That is actually a good idea but will the boxes regen?


Yes, campaign boxes will return.


But the box sucks…


Yeah but who wants to argue against free stuff though?


I do feel like at some point that they should restart campaign, and in turn, possibly achievements relating to it.

It’s just hard to settle on when. A reset campaign is essentially a hair over 1,000 tokens to earn for completing each mission thrice, so it’s not something you can give out frequently.


A reset once every few months seem reasonable to me.


This seems like a good idea :smiley:


i like the tout of that



Maybe after about 3-5 Months?


gib back free boxes :frowning: :cry:


I do not think they do something like this but even if they tried to do it they would do it 3 times a year or 1 time a year