Make it easier to get legendary cards, make the price of one card lower!

thanks (20 character)

Wow maybe that’s a bit unlucky.
If it makes you feel any better rolling beasts is the best legs in the game high hp and you can move 3 spaces.

Very weird that you only got 2 out of 20 premium packs. You have 5,000 tokens though LOL

Did a run for 5 box of premium. Only 1 legendary…

But Rolling Beasts can’t jump over mech ?

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So Iron Boots are better for that…less move, but more escape possibiities

It depends on the kind of mech you’re using, e.g. If you’re on a physical you don’t wanna escape but close ranges.

Yup, but Elec and quite offen Heat mechs go away when I come close…

And if I’m right, there are heat and elec verion of the Rolling Beasts and the Iron Boots…

Nope, electric one have a different design and heat one doesn’t go up to mythical but to epic only.


Why would you need to jump over someone?
you can move 3 spaces rather then moving 2 huge advatnage

jumping over is better!

You can play hop scotch! not tag !!!

amirite @Fluxeon ?

There is a thing I love to do: making the opponent use it’s teleport to go to the other side of the map, then pushing totally him against the wall to double-stomp it if possible…

Iron Boots user will can go over me since him teleport is already used (except for myth legacy one, but that another thing…^^)
Beasts Rollers can’t

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The rollers can move 3 spaces i’d prefer that.

I would not go into a corner now that people have this

Yes… hopping is better…



Hop like da Bunneh Wabbut