Make it easier to get legendary cards, make the price of one card lower!

<Perhaps add a poll so that users can vote on your idea?>


They should lower the price to 30 tokens not 75 for just one card. They should make the chance of getting legendary much higher. You barely get a legendary card only if your lucky, which in some cases, some people aren’t so lucky.

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theyre greedy
also this is nonsense drop rates constantly change its more a fact of keep playing

That is true but they should really drop it, it might make people want to play more.

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agree actually im f2p with 3 pending strategies xD
i need 13 legendary base items i have just 1 actually x,D

You get to wait till a sale happens around holidays etc they get cheaper sometimes.

TS or the NEW whomever that is driving this mess have no clue how to keep people happy and it’s a shame this used to be a good game but it’s going down hill every day. With an occasional small boost up only to be thrown down twice as hard with the next nerfaholic hissy fit.
TS can’t seem to get the idea of the KISS formula ( keep it simple STUPID )


They would only increase the cup of legendary cards if it were Christmas, so it is expected that Christmas will be short and you can not increase the legendary cup forever because anyone would get legendary weapons and as the name says it is “legendary” it must be difficult to obtain therefore the most common are the epics are obtained in large quantities and with that you can be legendary articles and managers want it to be a bit difficult to obtain legendary articles because if we would not have to create a new account every year because it would be easy for your mech it would be the maximum myth and if you think how many more, it will reach another topic that will not touch :slight_smile:

Maybe EA or FCC own TS now


20 Premium packs - 100 pieces of equipment (from me) 98 Epic and ONLY 2 legendary. Have it on video.

I never get legendary from premium boxes. If you have few tokens starting box will not give you legendary thats how system balance scale work. We called it luck system. In order to extract platinum item you need to buy many boxes as possible.

Frankly, the thing who miss me the most are the 2 (old…) Golden Boxes gave as gift every sales event…

I can wait long until they come back…


& the 2 mythicals per month
now we got a premium box that almost always drop epics

2 myth per month ?
I didn’t remember that…

It was mythical box for 21 day of logging

werent 1 on 15 login days and 1 on 30?
yes i mean just before beta when everybody was hoping buff & nerfs

I need to see it link?

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can u please share the link?



I got the 20 Premium Pack from the developers as compensation.
They lost my old account that I started to play in 2014, and they did not put my old Mech to the new server.
(did not play after 2015, started again only 1,5 months ago)

I supported Them, I had Tokens. I was lucky I had my old Mech on Video, as proof.
After a lot negotiation, they gave me 5K tokens and 20 Premium Boxes.

And as You can see here in this video, I got only 2 Legendary Total from 100 Pieces of equipment.
After 5 opening I made a refres, because I was upset I did get only 1… But last 15 box was even worse.
You can use my video, if you want to make a topic or share it with others.
It was taken on November 27. 2017.


Here you go :

Actually with how bad it’s working Killary Rodham Clinton is running things @ TS now, she went from screwing over the U.S. to just screwing over everyone that plays SM. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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