Make Heat and Energy Engines go from Common to Mythical

This is regarding the engines, not armor platings.

These two modules are key to success in battles. A proper module setup will determine a player’s overall performance.

However, since the good energy/heat modules start at epic, I’m seeing alot of player being left behind.

I know a player who has a mythical heat mech, but his modules are filled with common-rare boosters and engines.


Because the e-m versions are more difficult to get. Do not give excuses like “if energy/heat modules go from common to myth, noobs will be stronger”.

Newer players barely have enough gold to get a weapon to epic even. And all the good stuff starts at epic or legendary.

Apologies for the little rant there.

The thing is, what’s the point? Why are there two of the exact some modules get cut off at different tiers? I don’t see the point.

So please, energy and heat engines should go from common and straight to mythical. Give us unlucky players a chance will you?

I’m seeing even rank 1 players are missing energy modules thanks to all this luck.


Nah…I think it’s fine the way it is…but then again I think your idea will balance the game more, but btw in case you didn’t know there are common to rare energy and heat modules


If there is something that needs to be changed, that’s just the Energy Capsule Unit and Heat Capsule Unit, they must go from E-M, not L-M.


No, it’s just boring if everyone has them.

That is the point…
If all people have them, the game would be like free for all and everyone would have everything…
I have only got 2 energy engines, 5 heat engines 1 energy mass and 2 cooling mass boosters in 4 months…
Thought I would like more, I ain’t complaining.

How is this boring? this literally helps people become stronger, therefore allowing you to fight more and more players. Modules are everything in this game.

The fact that e+m ones are being insanely limited is really fucking (excuse the language) stupid.

No one should have beg the game to drop e+m mods. The drop rates for them were MUCH better just a few months ago. This new “let’s limit e+m mods for these idiots so they pay more” thing is really starting to annoy me.


I only love that mega capacity (Is that how is it called?) won’t be a premium item.

I only like platimuns to be non premium

That “Mega Capacity” is called a Heat Capsule Unit lol.