Make grapling hooks non premium

Now as you can alredy see…i decided to make a topic about grapling hooks.
Today,grapling hooks are premium,and i am asking for a non premium.
For an example…epic is totaly low,legy and myth are kinda good.
But too bad that you have a small chance geting them.
Now i’m asking for non premium grapling hooks.

Vielen Dank.

Also…i respect opinions.
Soo go ahead

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That is the point of premium mate…
I am too lazy to type , but all I am saying is this, and infer the maximum out of what I am saying, as my wise social teacher says-

Money makes many

I’m sad :frowning_face:

I got a Premium Flaming Grappling Hook early on, and used it to myth my Zarkares (first myth mind you, but didn’t realize making Legendaries was actually easier than trying to find them)


I miss you flaming hook :anguished: Maybe you’ll come back to me again someday…

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Why…did you used that as a myth food?

Don’t do that ever again

Well… I have this Legendary Lightning Scope I found in the Flaming Hammer portal… but I’m not Energy…

I’m thinking I’ll keep it and make an Energy Mech in the 4 spot… so I think I’ve learned

That is why I keep premium items regardless of what class I am

I always keep any l-m weapons.

Even if it’s Bloodweep lol.

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Let’s keep on the topic…

Soo i’m still waiting for your opinions.

Make grappling hooks common-mythical

End of story

Hooks are not necessary for every mech. L-M hooks give only a slight edge over C-E counterparts.

But they aren’t that strong much.

My friend, even the slightest increase in damage will turn the tide of battle.

The purpose of grappling hooks is to pull, not deal damage. I know that.
But a higher damage grappling hook will give you a higher chance of survival