Make engine module with apropriate drop rate


I just bought 5 premium pack for 1k tokens.

I.ll post drops


5th premium pack were: 2epic legs, 1epic cooling cooling mass booster, 1 more useless epic item & 1 L heat hook (NOt bad)


I got 2 en epic engine
1 mass cooler

Over 5 premium packs.


looks premium pack has decent modules drop rate. even i still miss to drop heat engine since 2 months :S

I droped alot energy engine/mass regenerator and enough cooling mass booster, but i’m still LF heat engine :S


Finally got my heat engine module!! :smiley:

I bought a premium pack to be able join raffle and I got these nice drops(even I already have sparked legs).


I get e-m modules all the time. They arent the lm ones, but they fall pretty regularly from boxes.


Resistances don’t count.


Yup, res mods are gold after they buffed the arena coins.


I have 12 energy modules and only 0 regen boosters.
I have 7 cooling boosters and 3 heat engines.

Why game


I been unlucky at last months getting heat engine :S