Make engine module with apropriate drop rate


I got Heat Engine dropped on my everyday since started. It was the energy that I didn’t get.


Can they still be dropped after the first time you beat a boss if you play that boss again on the same difficulty?


Yes, fortune boxes still drop from missions - even normal missions (just the drop rate is even lower than from boss missions).

Engines are epic to myth items.
So any box can drop them.

And yes, they drop often enough.
The thing is that you always need some when you do not have them right now and then it will tale ages till they drop.
But once you have enough of those engines they will seemingly drop like flies.
You will not know what to do with them then and use them as food for other items to go to legendary.

However make sure to always keep some as reserves in your inventory because otherwise the same thing repeats from the start with you not getting any more engines for a long while.


Im sick of buying silver boxes. I usually own 5.000.000 + golds. And when I have free time I usually open 2kk(or close) value silver boxes + the compain boxes.

I got like 1. Reapeat 1 energy engine over 2 months buying, playing like a hell!!


Boy what’s last time u got an engine module?

A SS showing u dropped an engine module doesn.t provide amything aabout its drop rate in silver boxes


Literally just got that and screenshotted and posted it… lmao


No I don.t I was thinking about fortune box this night.

Curious to see what$ the drop rate there


But u don.t answer my question


Umm… what? Stay in school kids.


Last one be4 this in the ss u posted dud


You’re going to have to be more clear because as far as I see, you only addressed one question at me and I answered it. The comment about drop rates was not a question. Sorry amigo.


Ok. can u answer my question now ?


What question? :joy:


Im quite sure I ll not get any engine shet with6kk worth silver boxes



How much time ago u dropped any engine shet before the one u posted in this thread?


I’m going to decipher that as “When was the last time you got an Engine prior to that screenshot?”

Since you elaborated more I was better able to understand what you meant as your English is a little off.

To answer that, earlier today. But, you are attacking the wrong person with this question because I play on many, many accounts. :joy:


Do u play more than I made? It is impossible since I never got energy at max for my 1st 2 months playing game and I usually get compain energy fill 4 times x day and I drain it all.

Got lvl 150 in a month or a month and a week.

And I got 2 fully mythed mech + 4th pvp rank in 6 months at max. Got 30th place at raid ranking in 4 months playing only.

(I ran fast enoght to be a supermech newbie)
So I push harder in game than usual players.

I don.t doubt u play multi account, so u can experience rates on diff accounts.

But I didn.t attack u without any reason.
I did it cuz u posted a SS telling it is dropped. But u weren.t thread related answer. U were like “hey engine module dropped now for me.” But u didn.t told its drop rate or how often it used to drop in your case or how much time ago last engine module dropped for u.

Your answer was like sayin to me “mofaker u telling lies”… when im tring to “fix”/clarify ingame engine module drop rate.

Your answer were a “light one”, making fun about an important game feature and making fun about essence of thread.



There is so much wrong with your above post that I just give up.

I’m done with this thread don’t bother me with it anymore. Take care.


anyone got an update
about engine module drop rate by silver box

and drop rate by premium packs?


getting 10 KK golds to make a test.

1,5kk gold left