Make e3 2man :D


As the title states, I would like next e3 to be a 2man era. Anyone agree?

  • yes
  • no

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but not e3

next f1 :slight_smile:


1 ticker 2-man ???

I’d say no :frowning:


im changing my vote!


fak nvm i can’t…


Small team earth worlds are annoying

Won’t vote tho since I’m not playin


i said f1…


And the page is for earth. Perhaps he wasn’t talking to you


and my post was a suggestion. maybe i was referring to a prior post


In my opinion earth should stay as a larger team era, if people want special small team eras they should either use M1 as a custom world or reopen another server for small team eras like f5 used to be.


or maybe f1!!!


Well you got your wish :sleepy:


we already know whats happening to era 6 and below per alliance :wink:


why oh why would u ask for 2 man team

RIP players who plant to play it, it’ll be really impressive if u can hold more than 2 continents by yourself

good luck to all :slight_smile:

ps- Mar is better for a 2 man team, the map is actually doable