Make Adv. Teleporter lighter than Basic Teleporter


Keep at least one, in case you need it later

But yeah, its uses are pretty niche compared to Basic or Dual TP…^^

And at least you got a myth food ^^


Yee, saved me 50,000+ gold tbh


only cause u dont use a build that needs that item doesnt mean that u wont run a mech in the future that would benefit from it. I suggest that u keep it only for that possible moment.


TP damage is so small that its irrelevant. If I was running a phys mech and had 35 energy left and was at range 8 from an energy mech, I would rather use a basic tp to get into position for a nightfall shot, then waste my energy using adv. tp and dealing maybe 40 more damage than basic tp for a stomp.


For a Phys mech, of course…

But on an energy or true hybrid, that’s another story…


but u forget that for now u playing a phys build as it seems. if u get other items and change then the tele might be missing. it can be good in combo.

remember there is a whole thread about what u regret most…and top spot goes to fusing items away.
i myself fused a spartan before it went to myth and an archimode before buff. and then u try to get it…ask Lord G bored executive @lordgorgon
u fuse away things u may never get again. dont do that.


i think buffing the energy dmg would be better than lowering the weight.

if its being used to escape corners or ranges where you cant combo, thats fine but that’s only its secondary use. i believe it should have the primary use of being used as strategic and adequate energy dmg dealer especially for those melee builds. maybe it could make some melee builds a whole lot better.


No, I am against that and I have a fully maxed out mythical Advanced Teleporter myself.

It deals more energy damage and energy drain as it should for the “higher” version of the teleporter.
That is enough.

Any suggestion to decrease its weight seems more like someone going a bit overweight with their desired item combo for the build and now tries to use the recent nerf of legacy teleporters by increasing its weight to their advantage by proposing this weight reduction for the advanced teleporter.

And as such I will have none of that.
No teleporter shall weight less than the basic teleporter at 11 kg!


Let the guy use one good l-m item as myth food, his item, he do as he see better.


I’m just curious why you can upgrade the dual teleport. Meanwhile, it obviously gives no benefit to doing so and if I’m not mistaken, the dual teleport power level used to be “maxed”. ‘‘Tis not anymore…


I’d like armor dissolver to be fixed as well. It should use LESS heat than repulser, not more. This was done correctly with at least one item but I don’t remember what the item was where they make the L+ version take less heat than the regular version. I think its the hybrid cannons. The L+ uses less heat than the regular version.


I think what should change with the teleporter is that the energy drain should be less rather than the weight being reduced. But either one is fine. It could also be given much higher damage. It could be changed to have the same damage as the electric grappling hook. Are you using an advanced teleporter over basic? Hardly anyone does.


In PvP it is useless but it does have some use sometimes in Raid or Campaign.
In raid you see the enemies before entering and in campaign you know what enemies will appear in a mission after completing the mission on normal.
So you know if there are any energy types when you go for raid or for hard and insane mode in campaign.
Hence when no energy type with high energy drain is in the mission the increased damage from adv. teleporter can sometimes be useful while the higher energy costs are no risk.


It used to be unupgradeable, and I don’t see why it got changed, if it really did…


AD has more damage than Repulsor, the weight/push/uses/range values are the same between both items, so…
So to keep the “BALANCE”, AD has increased heat cost

Yes, but in the same time, TS screwed up the item with the stats…
It would have been better if the range were differents, or if the Cannons were the damage-oriented counterpart of Hot Flash and Flaminator…

I do, and it’s pretty useful for me

The only difference are the ranks we crawl in…
I’m sure you’re higher ranked than me, where the competitiveness is the keyword ^^


Most mechs after about rank 6 have 48 resist, making the armor dissolver do ZERO more damage at a cost of 62 heat. Clearly that L+ version only hurts 99% who equip it. So again, given the L+ armor dissolver typical advantage is zero, the costs should go down if anything, not up. Even if you actually could do 48 damage, it you’d only be killing your self. Imagine adding a zero to that. Lets see you could do 480 damage at a cost of 620 heat. You’re killing yourself using that kind of weapon! The heat to damage ratio is unacceptable.

Most importantly, the whole point of repulser is to repluse not do damage. So, you are getting a worse version if you land an L+ repulser. I’m surprised you disagree with me on this. Did you consider damage per heat cost?


:joy::ok_hand: are you nut? 11 W. is not enought? what do you want? 1 W.? lmao think bro just 11 W. nothing lighter than that


I don’t disagree, I I think the same way as TS’s…
In a very numeral and practical way (too much in case of TS)

AD’s only upside over Repulser is higher damage (I said HIGHER THAN, I never said HIGH ENOUGH, the whole point is here), and the only way to keep the “so-called balanced” of AD over Repulser is increasing Heat cost…

The only thing I disagree with you about AD, is that I think AD’s case is too hopeless to even hope it to be fixed ^^


In regards to the dual tp.,if you were to select it and hit the upgrade button, you can upgrade it.,around the time it first came out, the power level was maxed and selecting the upgrade would show the same thing as any other maxed item “maxed”image