Make Adv. Teleporter lighter than Basic Teleporter


Adv. teleporter is complete trash and is just used as myth food. No one uses the teleporter to deal damage as it is used to get into position to deliver a devastating strike from a scope or other weapon. Thus, the common basic teleporter is better in this respect as it consumes less energy than adv. teleport, thus making the adv. teleport irrelevant and hot garbage.

With this in mind, I propose that adv. teleport has 5 weight. As it is more “advanced” than its basic counterpart, maybe the engineers have been able to shrink down the size of the teleport in order to fit it into smaller mechs or something. If adv. teleport has 5 weight, this would give it a unique niche as people can fit it into mechs and save weight, rather than using the 11 weight basic teleport.


This brings me back to the legacy common teleporter. It did no damage, and required no energy. I think the weight of it was 1.


Yeah, but now that the Legacy teleport is 20 weight, maybe the adv. teleport can take its place?


There are 2 Legendary teleporters

  • Adv Teleport: weight 11
  • Double Teleporter : weight 26


Idea: Lightweight Teleporter. Does less damage and cost a little more energy but weighs only 5kg.


I say “Basic Teleporter”… Does no damage, and cost no energy.


It should cost some energy to balance out.


It does no damage = no energy.


But it would annihilate energy mechs.


How? Explain:

SM had one before weight was 1, no energy needed, and no damage. Why not now.


I thought it costed 20kg…


Nope,… Because I remember. I used it a lot, and it filled the 999 weight.


So do you guys think Adv. Tp should be lighter than basic tp?


The legacy 1kg dont do dmg but cost 10 energy .-.


i agree but teleports u need only 3 things uses,light-weight and very very very low energy cost damage and energy damage u don’t care


And with this they would abuse it asf, so no… i want a adv teleport for its damage, since i have one energy damage based.


what was the teleporter that did no damage 1 wight and had two uses? is that even still in the game?


It never existed

Thre’s Lightning Gate Mk. I, a mythical TP (the only one with 2 uses, but has ocst, I’m too lazy to screenshot it), while the TP with no damage and 1 Kg is the “Basic TP Mk. 1” (something like that)


Basically, you tell other ppl what to do with their items ?

What should I do with my maxed legendary Ronin torso then ?

Like Dudu said above, some ppl need the Electric/energy damage that Basic TP doesn’t have

I also push the heresy to whole new level too…

Prepare to be shocked

I use an Advanced TP on my full Phys mech, for the damage

Also, I think I should remind you some things:

And I’m sure some items with cut transforming chain (FireStorm/Hungering Beam/Crimson Rapture Ashen Creator, the flamethrowers, for instance) share the same weight…

The only time an item had reduced weight when changing tier was the BUGGED Spartan, that got fixed once posted in Bug and Issues section

Also, if the Adv. TP has higher costs, it’s basically because of the higher damage…
That mean, if you want to reduce Kgs, you need to reduce damages also to keep balance

And I’m sure I’m not the only one who don’t want to have his builds screwed up just because monsieur random want the freshly (or not) gotten Adv. TP to fill his personnal needs

I would rather take an E-M (or a L-M, if it needs it) version of it, being lightweight, but with other downsides (lower damage, higher cost, limited range, etc)


K then, gonna throw my adv. tp to myth my heat engine. Can’t believe I spent 75 tokens on a prem box and got one of the worst l-m items out there smh…