Make a Heat version of terror cry

I think there should be a heat version of the Terror Cry just cause.


Apprently to some, It will be too strong.

Last words is the energy version of Terror Cry and it does Regeneration damage. So in retrospect, the heat version should do Cooldown damage… Which is deemed too strong by some of the top players

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-46 cooling damage is kinda strong lol

Hey I already made a topic like this a long while ago.

I think there should be a Physical version of Flaming Scope just cause

I mean they decided against our best wishes to make a bloody energy scope. May as well freak the imbalance even more and add a phys scope.

Physical Version of Flaming scope and Lightning Scope is like a “1-Hit Death”, because we all know physical weapons have the strongest damage type at this moment (2nd is Energy perhaps).

For the Heat Version of Last Words, just copy the dmg, decrease the energy drain by 15-25% and turn it into Heat dmg, decrease weight, instead of Regen it’s cooling drain then done! But I think it’s gonna be overpowered…

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Physical flaming scope would be to strong, probably 750-1000 damage

Why not give it -10 res drain instead of -13 cooling?
Or maybe -12 cap?

Well,I agree,we need a heat Terror Cry…

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200 - 300 damage
8 cooling damage
1 push
35 - 45 weight

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tbh all the heaters (or most of us true heaters) agree with this and have been trying to get the devs to release such new weapon, only down side is that many of the top players fear that it may be too op (lol) since it’d have cooling damage… in my opinion they’re just exaggerating and dont want heat to have some equal footing, in other words the heat community is screaming for it while the other (phy and energy) are just like nuuu too op! nerf! etc… in my opinion energy mains shouldn’t even speak since they have last words and it has regen dmg

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It’s not even an OP weapon. Bloody VR does 46 in a turn…if there was a heat LW/TC it’d only do 7-8 CD over three turns. Which is no where near enough to be considered OP.

Idiots just don’t want hear to have an actually useful and fair weapon.


exactly my point!
if they wanted fairness then we’d have to nerf VS and spartan but guess they dont want to admit that they are too op

We do have abomination but it is l-m

exactly, and it doesn’t have the stats of last words (but in heat… you know cooling damage… explosive damage… weight)

35-45 weight is waaaay too low, look at Last Words, that sh*t is 63, so that needs to be 59-61.

i would say make it 55
terror cry (46)
last words (63)


then 109/2= 54.5 and since we need to round… 55

this would help cause is not too heavy and it’s worth it’s damage, at max i’d have:
199-296, 71 heat dmg, -13 cooling, 1 push, 3 uses and cost 16 energy and 47 heat

just so you know where i got the dmg stats from:

damage from last words: 185-285 ElDmg
damage from abomination: 212-307 ExDmg

minimum dmg
185+212= 397
397/2=198.5 rounded= 199

max dmg

i think this is fair and you all should too…

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guys the heat version of terror cry is already in the game it’s abominion i don’t know how to write it xD but u all will know it
it doesn’t look like terror cry or last words but IT IS THE HEAT VERSION OF IT

it doesn’t do cooling damage i know but it’s the only weapon in the game that have that same range and 1 knock back and close damage

Sure. How about a phys magma too.

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