Major UPDATE! Clan Wars & New Tier!

this if it deserved a trailer.

Is this to polish the objects? or there will be new levels to upload it😋

I use that torso and i checked. It can “ascend” like an L-M item. Whereas it is just a skinned zarkares which is E-M. Hurted me…

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well maybe also to your advantage…l-m get better boosts then e-m …



Maybe, dont have a maxed zark, cant compare:


Well… SilverBox said that they will fix it.

And there is Zarkares


Oh, thanks mate. So it indeed takes a bigger boost. For a bigger cost.
Love that shet.


wtf… now zark is useless

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And I still uses him because I’m too lazy to myth my 2 phys monkeys :frowning:

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I never dropped using it. Sabertooth.

Lol. How is it becoming useless? Saber is just turning slightly better.

I haven’t Sabertooth. I’m too f2p for that :joy:

Just noticed it that there’s no mythical “Ascend” relics for torsos like Sabertooth

against the background of the remaining torsos in the new tire, zark taked one of the worstes buffs

Look at Interceptor’s buff

And avenger

@Silverbox please fix the super dangerous bugs in creating a new account when ever I try to login in my new account it does not let me in but throws me back at the main Supermechs t screen please fix the but otherwise you will lose players :fearful: and then the button of loin via SUPER mechs disappear even the new players don’t work fix it it’s Critical bug

Even the face book log in does not allow you to log in hurry with the bug @Silverbox

Wait, I thought that rank 15+ boxes will give you the relics! I’ve been saving for a box opening for months and just wasted 7! And I got nothing!