Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Because she was scared to see something beautiful, fresh and young, and then … herself :exclamation:


About the update …

if you need fuel …



Someone once told me they spent millions on that game but that game is crap .


1 million actually… you can read articles about it.


Funny thing is if they would have only introduced autoplay people would have been happy.


This guy thinks us idiots, seriously you offend my intellect with your answer.
I expected much more from you. I want you to know that all that trash you said, is just the explanation of something inexplicable, because you do not make a change that benefits sometime even if it is only once in your life do something that serves the player

just one more thing

Tell me what part of the game you earn 30 tokens a day if the daily reward is 10, now to make a single recharge we will need wait 3 days?

ahhh and do not come to me with the history of the campaign, because the gram majority of top players we have finished a long time ago. So there is no way to get some tokens.

greed “is not for the amount, but for the action of increasing in order to harm the player even more”

and you confirm by saying that you will not become millionaires, ok then put it back as it was, like energy too.


I lost 50 Fuel Points (almost half). So now I can do 6 missions for 30 Tokens rather than 11 for 20.

I can appreciate that the intention was to limit abuse of the Auto Pilot feature, but this is not the answer.

Instead of lowering the Fuel cap, why not increase the Fuel cost if one uses Autopilot. Say 2 extra fuel?

The industry standard seems to be that if one wants to nerf or discourage the use of a feature, one should implement a different, more advantageous feature rather than changing the current. This allows players to do at least what they’ve been able to do before and have the option for more with the new feature.

But then again, Tacticsoft have proven that they do not care about industry standards at all.


These are the proofs of what has always been said, there is no doubt about it.

@ToxicDoll @bestplayerintheworld @Mordulec @Wepwawet @El_Metre @kingblinks @Fluxeon @Lannister @HappyPoppers @grosboss


The best part… Earth Arena hasn’t been updated in over a year. :wink:


Well well well.
So much rant… so much negativity…
To the people that rant… you actualy live for this game? Like you spend the majoriry of your life grinding the campaign? Do you live glued to the phone or the PC grinding and PvP ing?.
2. Is your greatest achivement that you won a gold medal in this game? You need to be the best in it? (Open wallet and drop 3k dollars and you are the best).
3. This is a global game, you need to think about beyond your selfs and take one for the greater good of the comunity(the big one, not the one here) the one thst makes the big body of this buissiness( total venture of SM last year 700k dollars, top 200 players revenue to this game less then 56k, bloomsbeerg did the audit).
4.@idiot that called the testers idiots, they tested the mechanics of the auto pilot in the normal(befor nerf) conditions. Dont be a prick and insult others.
5.i dont think it is sane to be glued to the screen for 3-9 h/day grinding like a monkey in hopes for a legendary or other things in this game. It is not OK, it is a FACKING game that need to make you have fun. This function does that.
6. The nerf of energy, i see 2 solutions to it so that the ones that rant are pleased:
6.1 revert it to the way it was befor
6.2 of using the auto function have a 20-25% incease in energy consumption( 14-20 for insane BB), if not… keep it as it is.
7. I think this game is matureing to it’s better self, turning its self from a beta, ruled by big spenders and sick grinders, to a more free and open game, for evrybody and new players(giving them the chance to shine).
PS: i have seen this happen befor, on Walking Robots, i was beta tester there for 3 years.Russian devs, that started just like this( spend 4k dollars there), was top for 1 year, when it went live(i was still top 10 easy) abandoned it for 2 years, came back, still can make it top 200 easy(2 mils playerbase now), but now it is matured, and player friendly. My advice learn to have pacience, learn to enjoy, dont live for a game. Learn to live, and enjoy all things… real flesh and breathing things.
Just my humble opinion.


If tacticsoft’s records show a lot of the players dont use all of their tank is because this game is dying…you nerfed drop rates and rewards from bosses like bigboy…for me this is the reason there is players dont use their fuel anymore…because they find boring to run bigboy just to get blues and greys or no box at all…keep nerfing this game if you are happy with 300 palyers average online… x2 is nice cause could make grinding faster but after nerfed our tanks its like a joke…the truth is that you nerfed fuel to reduce grinding…autopilot?who cares when tanks reduced almost to half, fuel is more important than a useless feature like autopilot,and ofcourse this is your job and whatever you do is about money…just RESPECT PLAYERS while you earn your money from THEM ( by spending or just watching ads ).


“Grand update”… of course it`s good but is not very effective.
If I play without pilot on BB (BigBoy) I win (have 1240 hp). With pilot my mech is dying, thinking… I play without pilot on missions like BB, but auto-pilot still good: easy missions completing while AFK. Good update.
P.S. 2x speed is little bit buggy: Annihilation, “The BackBreaker”, etc. in 2x speed, but in 2x mode “Redwall”, “Scalpel”, hooks, etc. is still slow.


Here, a very simple solution for you: Return all our fuel to what it was previously, and don’t touch anything else. There, took me like 2 seconds to come up with this AMAZING idea.

Everyone will go home happy.


And I am not surprised that you are surprised, because this confirms your team, @Mohadib, does not have the smallest clue what the game is about, what is that the PLAYERBASE values most in the game, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, why we constantly get infuriated with the situations that you add gimmics and stupid options NO ONE NEEDS OR EVEN ASKS FOR, only to ROB US of the most important aspects of the game. FUEL is most important. COINS is most important. DROPRATES AND BOXES is the most important aspect… Autopilot is sheet, Gold Portal is sheet, visuals is sheet, changing colors of energy from green to blue (Jesus Christ Superstar, who even thought of that change???) it is all sheet. Do you even play the game, TS? Do you know what is it about and what are the most important aspects/assets for players???

This is the biggest bullshit and honestly I did not expect such crap from you… Tell me what is your age? I am 39 years old, and just the fact that I enjoy playing games does not entitle YOU to treat me as a brainless kid you may insult with your presumption I am stupid and I can accept whatever you say. And when I read such answers, I feel like talking to some IT student who does not care about people, their feelings, if they get offended with your words… In other words, I presume you are some freshman who still has to learn life. I used to act like you, about 20 years ago… Let’s analyze:
Before the patch, as I have already have said, and @El_Metre and other guys might confirm, I was able to grind missions for legendaries using as many as 480 energy points straight. This means 40 BB hard missions or 60 Ramboys Insane. One 480 fuel session cost me 60 Toks (120 in hand + 3 refills). For this I received a nice pile of items, and almost guaranteed legendary per session.
Post the patch: If I wanted to grind 480 energy sessions, I would need to spend 180 tokens!!! It is 70 energy in hand plus 6 refills for 30 Toks. We compare: 60 tokens < 180 tokens, and that also means that the price of energy climbed 3 times!!! Now let me repeat your words again:

How am I going to play the same amount of missions per day??? Do you take me for a fool? Or you just deliberately try to insult me to force me to keep my mouth shut? If you do, I just warn you I am just warming up, as this has gone too far and I am just pissed off and going berserk and whatever other stupid phrases come into my Polish mind, I will use them…[quote=“Mohadib, post:139, topic:8697”]
For the majority of players, the change in Fuel cap is mostly a percived change (visual) rather than really affecting gameplay.

WHAT? READ WHAT I JUST WROTE…[quote=“Mohadib, post:139, topic:8697”]
And exacly for these players we have changed the daily quest of winning PvP battels to reward 20 Fuel, and the condition to complete it was reduced from 5 wins to 3 wins.

And what exactly am I going to do with 20 additional fuel? I am still short of 400 fuel, so I need to refill for 180 tokens…

And this is something that blows me off my feet. ABUSE what? Abuse your GAME??? So playing your game for a longer period of time is ABUSE for you? I am sorry, but I will not comment on this…[quote=“Mohadib, post:139, topic:8697”]
As to the claim we only did this price change for “greed”, I can assure you NO ONE here at Tacticsoft believes a 10 tokens price increase on Fuel Refill will make us suddenly rich.

Of course, 10 tokens is not a big deal… 180 tokens per day is 1800 tokens in ten days or 5400 tokens per month, which is circa 100 USD, and THIS IS SOMETING THAT MIGHT GET YOU RICH, ISN’T IT?
I will use your quote once again:

I want you to understand a couple of things. First, we are not supid junkheads. We are clever people who (still) like your game and we want to help you develop it in the right way. Second, I appreciate you actually took some effort to respond to my thread/messages. I do believe that this is the beginning of building the RAPPORT between TS and playerbase. YOU SCREWED BIG TIME, you have to admit it. If you admit it, it is time to face the music and start finetuning the game. AND MOST IMPORTANT: YOUR IDEAS ARE BAD, because you do not understand the mechanisms/important aspects/critical assets that make this game playable (see above: Droprates, fuel, coins, boosting - these are critical aspects). Do not add stupid unnecessary options, but start working with us towards a better gameplay/user experience. Looking forward to your response, @Mohadib, @Sarah247

A Betting System (Optinal Addon For Multiplayer) & Making the friend system return

it’s quite baffling how you could have thought halfing the fuel cap for the highest levels (the most active players) would “not significantly change” the amount of missions they could play each day.


nice meme



Look at what you’ve done…


@Mohadib I had already expressed it when we were testing it out that this is great.

But the fuel runs out very fast and we need 10 more tkn. to recharge.

Please … one thing or the other, or the fuel in 120 as it was before or the recharge in 20 T.

Let’s reach an intermediate solution. Let’s talk pls.



Do you think that players will spend tokens:

  1. Three refills worth 90 tokens? In my case it 66x3 what about I will give 20 runs bigboy(normal) and 15(insane), while in best case, drop the 10 boxes …?
  2. I’ll save the tokens and spend them on boxes at discount?

PS. Fuel is unreasonably expensive, I’m never going to make it for tokens!!!




@Mohadib, [quote=“Mohadib, post:139, topic:8697”]
So, I read your feedback and here are some comments.

First, I have to admit we were a bit surprized from the reactions you guys expressed in this thread.

You are missing a key factor here @Mohadib, the tide of rage you’re witnessing is not solely just because of this latest “Update”… It’s also because of the one before that, and that, and that…

It is because it seems that the you and the devs are playing a totally different game than the players.

It is because of legacy op legacy items not available to new players, it’s because of unplayable broken accounts with over stuffed inventory , it’s because of horrible pvp matchmaking, it’s because of the community never being asked what it wants, its because of the seemingly random “balancing”, its because of no transparency/polling on how these changes will affect players BEFORE implementation, it’s because _________ i know the people here can add a baker’s dozen of other issues.

You are receiving - exactly what any logical product manager should expect. disappointment, unhappiness, distrust.

this stealing of my fuel is just another tire on the dumpster fire.