Major Update - Auto Pilot!


Yay!!! :heartpulse: :heartpulse:
I am American all of us aren’t dumb hehe.


maybe you should let the player choose if they want it and have like a button to turn it off and on


there already is that ._.


The autopilot works great when grinding easy levels but not so much for bigboy.


where? 20charactersjdjsk


the pause buton in the mission


there is a solution to this , if the devs will add a ‘‘add routine’’ where the auto-play AI will follow your steps to beat the mission.


oh…thanks 20characters


@Mohadib I like how you explained your choices as we haven’t understood 'em before. Point is we understood 'em and we didn’t liked 'em.
We are a little bit surprised you cannot accept this. Not even talking about rethinking your choices.

All this anger must be due just to a visual downgrade, what can be wrong otherwise? :relaxed:


I think ai works best for phy mechs, it cleared hard mode on bigboy easily with my mech


porque quitaron la energia


I guess when you have a game community that is kind of shell shocked by having things taken away from them, it is not a good idea to take something from them even more so when you yourself say it is worthless… If it is worthless give back the fuel and put the price back to 20 tokens refill. The AI is silly, to me a pointless feature but not a game breaker.

Easy peasy…


Earlier we got a full refill - 120 Energy for 20 tokes. Now we get 66 E for 30 tokes and you expect us to be happy? Lol.


we are basically paying more for less


What i really wish is you guys stop changing shit for a couple months set some decent drop rates and let the player base heal from the weed whacking you guys gave all the old timers doing the rewrite. That would go a long way towards fixing the game. Iv been saying this from day one of the new update, let the game develope a bit then change it but changing it all the time just confuses everyone.


No, it’s just a visual downgrade! Nothing changed!

Believe :relaxed:


Well I feel like I am beating a dead horse… I am going to go do something more constructive you guys keep up the good fight.


I don’t care anyways, I play the game maybe 1 hr in 2 days or something… It’s just too boring


I have to say that I like the auto play update. I dont have much time to play, and this really helps me, since I can do something else, while my mech is earning gold. Its time saving and positive change for me. Thanks :dancer:


The second paragraph expalins a lot.

I hope when they saved enough money for Earth Arena they gonna make SM a better game too.